'The Big Bang Theory' stars on show's ending


10 Jan 2019

'The Big Bang Theory' stars say goodbye to the show

The Big Bang Theory brought a perfectly balanced approach to humor and science geekiness.

As the show nears its January 17, 2019 end, its actors are ready to say farewell after playing their respective characters for 12 seasons.

Actors Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, and Johnny Galecki, while bidding goodbye to their characters, recently spoke about their expectations from the show's ending.

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Fixing the elevator seems to be on everyone's minds

A significant motif of the show has been the non-functioning elevator.

Everyone had to take the stairs and Galecki, Cuoco and Parsons who play Leonard Hofstadter, Penny, and Sheldon Cooper respectively, have all expressed one desire.

They wish to see the elevator fixed.

Galecki even joked it could be for just a moment until it stopped working again, trapping the cast inside.

Galecki speaks

They are a sensitive group, says Galecki

Galecki, while speaking about the final season made it clear that he would be tearing up at the thought of the show coming to an end.

Saying that they were a sensitive group, the actor expressed a secret hope that the final episode would have a lot of emotional scenes scripted in to justify why the cast kept on crying, during the show.

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Cuoco speaks

Loved to drink with Penny, says Cuoco

Cuoco spoke about how the show changed her life, and how she loved playing Penny.

The actress spoke about how she enjoyed drinking with the carefree character on the show and being a neighbor to the goofy Leonard and Sheldon.

The actress signed off saying that she would never forget the character or the show and thanked them both for having changed her life.

Parsons speaks

Parsons helped Sheldon, not vice versa, actor claims

Parsons spoke about bringing Sheldon to life for 12 years, admitting a complete goodbye was impossible as the actor and character were part of each other.

Parsons said he believed he made Sheldon a better person than the other way around, speaking of the character's poor social skills.

He ended on a funny note, saying syndicated reruns would ensure he kept running into Sheldon.

Show ending

Onto the next chapter in life after show ends

Parsons also spoke about the show ending saying that they felt it was time and they had innately run their course.

Admitting that the next chapter in their lives and careers remained unknown, he expressed obvious sadness at saying goodbye.

Parsons likened the situation of saying farewell to cast members to graduations, saying he would tear up while leaving people he enjoyed working with.

Here's what they said

We are right there with you, our beloved scientists

While The Big Bang Theory has had its share of humor made in poor taste, the characters have gradually grown on us, with their social awkwardness and quirky sense of jokes. When cast members cry during the finale, the audience will be crying with them.

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How many episodes in total for season 12?

Asked 2019-01-12 05:16:58 by abhilash vijayan

Answered by NewsBytes

There are going to be 13 episodes in season 12 of The Big Bang Theory as far as we know.

Will 'Young Sheldon' continue?

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Yes, the show which is a spin-off and explores Sheldon Cooper's childhood will continue.

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Penny's last name has not been revealed on the show. Maybe the finale will have the answer.

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If you have a Hotstar connection, you can stream The Big Bang Theory.

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The Big Bang Theory has 12 seasons.

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