Captain America's technological troubles on and off-screen


10 Jan 2019

Stark and Banner rush to assist 'technologically challenged' Captain America

Actors Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. recently decided to team up and poke fun at fellow actor Chris Evans, following his rant against technology, on Twitter.

For those unaware, Evans plays Steve Rogers or Captain America while Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark or Iron Man and Ruffalo plays Bruce Banner or the Hulk, in the Avengers series.

Read what happened.


Do not need 'smart' technology, Evans rants

Evans complained about modern technology comparing it with the 90s saying that technology just 'WORKED' back then.

The star said he did not need a "smart" feature on his lights, music, thermostat, television, security cameras, refrigerator, and even his car.

He spoke on behalf of everyone calling the advancement a pain in the posterior and said it was simply not worth it.

Check out Evans' rant against technology

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Reel life

Evans cannot deal with technology in real and reel life

Funnily Evans' rant against technology is similar to Captain America's who is a soldier from the past, and often has trouble coping with current technological advancements.

Stark and Banner are the scientific geniuses of the Avengers and they bond over their mutual love for science.

Therefore, the actors decided to channel their personas of 'science bros' while making fun of Evans' troubles with technology.

Actors reply

Downey Jr. offers tutoring, Ruffalo reminds Evans 'Also language'

Downey Jr. and Ruffalo were quick with their humor.

While the former, tagging Ruffalo, said that 'Cap' might need some help from them, the latter offered to assist Evans any time.

Ruffalo also noted that Evans had used expletives in his rant, and made a funny reference to Captain America's displeasure with strong language in Avengers: Age of Ultron, saying 'Also language'.

Robert Downey Jr. offers to tutor a troubled Cap

Ruffalo offers help, and asks Cap to mind his language

Evans' reply

Evans takes the trolling sportingly, makes arc reactor joke

Evans took the trolling sportingly and replied saying that he guessed the arc reactor did not require annoying upgrades or downloads or a new operating system every three months. He ended his post in another plea for help.

For the uninitiated, the arc reactor is one of Stark's best inventions, and is the technology that powers the Iron Man suits and keeps Stark alive.

Evans screams in despair, 'HELP ME!'

'Avengers: Endgame' will see our joking actors team up again

It is indeed nice to see the actors joking among themselves and keeping up a rapport. Fans are mindful that we will soon see them step into the shoes of their superhero personas as they battle Thanos together in Avengers: Endgame.

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