11 Jan 2019

'The Punisher' Season 2 trailer reveals Frank Castle in action

The Punisher is about to release its second season on Netflix on January 18, 2019.

However, before the explosive new season brings back Frank Castle or the Punisher in all guts and glory, the show dropped a trailer yesterday.

It promises what is to come, outlining Castle's mission, hinting at intense battle sequences and introducing old and new villains.

We decode the trailer here.


Frank Castle steps out of retirement in Season 2

The end of Season 1 saw Castle strike a deal where he would disappear from public life, and in return would be pardoned by the US government.

However, Season 2 sees the Punisher get drawn into a bar fight in order to save a young girl, Amy Bendix, played by Giorgia Whigham.

Castle appears to enjoy the excuse to inflict pain on the attackers.


Castle's good deed doesn't go unpunished, soon becomes the target

Castle's good deed does not go unpunished as he manages to make himself the target of the new villain of Season 2, a Christian fundamentalist John Pilgrim.

However, he forms a bond with the girl since they both had their loved ones taken away from them.

Castle decides to take on the new villain acting as the girl's protector, trying to keep her safe.

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An old villain returns, with a vendetta and an army

Castle's troubles do not end there as Pilgrim enlists the help of his old nemesis Billy Russo or Jigsaw.

Russo, whose face Castle disfigured in Season 1 for orchestrating his family's murder, returns and has an axe to grind with the Punisher.

Russo enlists the help of a small squad to eliminate Castle and the girl for Pilgrim, getting his revenge in the process.

Guns blazing

The one that does the killing, Punisher's guns and violence

The trailer shows plenty of guns and violence as the Punisher embraces his true self - the one who does the killing.

We are promised plenty of gritty and intense fight sequences that will leave both Castle and Russo bloodied and tired.

Castle seems to go all in using an assortment of weapons throughout the trailer, offering The Punisher fans the action they love.


A resolution for Castle's character in 'The Punisher'

The Punisher might be taken off Netflix like the other Marvel shows, so perhaps this season will show a resolution to Castle's unresolved trauma.

He is shown kissing someone in the trailer, perhaps finding love again.

More importantly, saving the girl, whom Frank views as a helpless version of himself, might lead to his own salvation, in what might be the final season.

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Will 'The Punisher' come to Netflix India?

Asked 2019-01-11 13:02:14 by Dhruv Subramanium

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Yes, having a Netflix connection will allow you to stream the second season of The Punisher on Netflix.

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