Superman's biggest battles with superheroes


11 Jan 2019

#ComicBytes: Five times Superman defeated DC superheroes

Superman is one of the most powerful characters in DC and there is no denying the entire world is in awe of his strength.

Although the Man of Steel is strongly on the side of good, sometimes he gets misguided or clashes with other heroes over differences.

These battles are always interesting, so without further ado, we bring five times Superman defeated DC superheroes.

Battle 1

Superman vs Martian Manhunter: The alien showdown with anticlimactic end

DC does not have many superheroes who can match Superman in strength.

However, Martian Manhunter is an exception and Superman acknowledges Manhunter can defeat him.

In the Injustice comic, Manhunter tried to explode within Wonder Woman, having been threatened first.

Superman used heat vision to burn Manhunter out of Wonder Woman's body, and since fire is Manhunter's weakness, the attack killed him.

Battle 2

Superman vs Black Canary: Battle over death of loved ones

Superman went mad and became a dictator in Injustice after Lois' death. He killed Green Arrow who stood up to him.

His lover Black Canary came for revenge. Although she managed to land a non-lethal shot with a Kryptonite bullet, Superman was far less merciful.

He killed Canary, but in the process, Canary managed to broadcast to the world Superman was a killer.

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Battle 3

Superman vs Wonder Woman: Leaving the Amazonian breathless

In one of the alternate storyline comics, Batman and Superman had become dictators.

One of the peacekeepers in this world was Wonder Woman.

The Amazonian easily killed Batman, but Superman was not happy about the loss of his friend.

He punched through Wonder Woman's shield and bracelets.

The power of Amazonian was no match as an angry Superman used her own lasso, strangling her.

Battle 4

Superman vs Doctor Fate: An ambush resulting in defeat

Superman is a mantle just like Batman's. Thus Kal-El was not always Superman. Darkseid introduced an immoral Superman called Brutaal.

Brutaal fought Doctor Fate and although the sorcerer's magic would ideally be a weakness, the new Superman used an ambush to win the battle unfairly.

He caught Fate unaware and hurled him to the ground, stomping his helmet, the source of his powers, immediately.

Battle 5

Superman vs Flash: No flight, only the inevitable fight

Brutaal's run as Superman did not end there. He also tangled with Flash who intervened to save Fate's life.

Flash tried to distract Brutaal by running at high speed, trying to lure him away.

Brutaal, however, used heat beams to strike Flash.

Having stopped the speedster, he proceeded to lift up the helpless Flash and crushed his leg, ensuring he would not run again.

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