Netflix being sued over 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch'


12 Jan 2019

Netflix facing lawsuit for 'Choose Your Own Adventure' tag

Netflix might just have revolutionized the audiovisual entertainment industry by introducing the choice based interactive movie titled Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Bandersnatch kept viewers hooked as they tried to navigate the plot to reach the different possible conclusions.

However, now Netflix faces potential legal trouble for adopting the 'choose your own adventure' mode of narration.

Here's why.


Pop culture proved for long time that choice is illusion

The 'choose your own adventure' or CYOA format has been around for a long time.

Plenty of the '80s and '90s kid novels, notably RL Stine's Goosebumps has resorted to this narrative technique to prove choice is an illusion.

However, it must be noted, while other works in pop culture have resorted to this technique, Bandersnatch is being penalized for using this creative outlet.

The trouble

Using the specific brand lands Netflix in legal trouble

Using the 'choose your own adventure' brand has landed Netflix in legal trouble.

Chooseco LLC owns the copyright for the specific brand and they have filed a lawsuit alleging Netflix tried to solicit a license for their property in 2016.

Despite extensive negotiations, Netflix hadn't received a license and before their release of Bandersnatch, Chooseco sent a cease and desist request, which Netflix ignored.

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Chooseco's official complaint in the lawsuit

Chooseco stated, "On at least one occasion before the release of Bandersnatch, Chooseco sent a written cease and desist request to Netflix asking Netflix to stop using the CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE mark in connection with its marketing efforts for another television program".


Chooseco's issue with 'Bandersnatch's dark content against CYOA backdrop

Chooseco has a problem with the dark and disturbing content presented in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch against the backdrop of CYOA narration.

They fear it 'dilutes the goodwill for and positive associations with Chooseco's mark and tarnishes its products'.

Accusing Netflix of trading on the nostalgia of 'Choose Your Own Adventure' brand, Chooseco is now seeking $25 million or approximately Rs. 176 crore in settlements.

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Where can I see 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch'?

Who is the protagonist in 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch'?

Who directed 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch'?

When did 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' release?

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Where can I see 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch'?

Asked 2019-01-12 17:39:51 by Angel Bose

Answered by NewsBytes

Bandersnatch can be viewed on Netflix as long as you have a subscription.

Who is the protagonist in 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch'?

Asked 2019-01-12 17:39:51 by Pranav Das

Answered by NewsBytes

Stefan a video game developer is the protagonist in Bandersnatch.

Who directed 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch'?

Asked 2019-01-12 17:39:51 by Aadhya Pawar

Answered by NewsBytes

David Slade directed Bandersnatch.

When did 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' release?

Asked 2019-01-12 17:39:51 by Aaryan Kapur

Answered by NewsBytes

Bandersnatch released on December 28, 2018.

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