'The Social Network' sequel could be in works


13 Jan 2019

'The Social Network' should have a sequel, feels Aaron Sorkin

The Social Network which released in 2010 explored the story of how Facebook was set up and took a look into the cases, founder Mark Zuckerberg faced, from Eduardo Saverin and the Winklevoss twins.

Now, almost a decade later, Aaron Sorkin, who won the best-adapted-screenplay Oscar for the movie says it is time for a sequel to the acclaimed film.

Here's what he said.

Sorkin speaks

Sorkin feels the time is right for a sequel

Sorkin recently said that there is definitely more to the story of The Social Network and he feels that there should be a sequel.

While the original movie, directed by David Fincher, was a huge hit, Sorkin feels he knows a lot more about Facebook now than he did earlier.

He added jokingly, that he knew for certain it was time for a sequel.

Aaron Sorkin gets candid about the sequel here

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Producer agrees

Producer on board for the sequel, says Sorkin

Sorkin said the producer Scott Rudin, too, is eager for a sequel.

The scribe mentioned he had gotten more than one mail from the producer with articles attached saying, "Isn't it time for a sequel?".

Sorkin mentioned that a lot of dramatic instances had occurred surrounding Facebook since the original movie came out.

The sequel would have a lot of content to work on.


Facebook has had multiple controversies since first movie

Since the first movie, Facebook has faced multiple controversies which include allegations against the company for mishandling private data of users.

The social media platform has also come under heavy criticism during the Cambridge Analytica scandal, promoting political violence in places like Myanmar.

Facebook also came under fire for their alleged role in influencing and interfering in the US elections in 2016.

Big expectations from the sequel

The first movie was a smash, getting 8 Oscar nominations and managing to win 3 including Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score and Best Film Editing. Hopefully, if the sequel is made, it lives up to and surpasses the original film's greatness.

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