#10YearChallenge: Check out Marvel's pictures of the Avengers


19 Jan 2019

Marvel accepts the 10 year challenge, posts pictures of Avengers

The 10-year challenge has been doing the rounds on social media with various celebrities and noted personalities posting two side by side pictures of themselves.

One is a current picture, while the other is a picture from 10 years ago.

With #10YearChallenge trending, Marvel studios decided to hop on and have posted pictures of the Avengers then and now.

Check them out here.

Picture 1

10 years of the Avengers, captured in pictures

The studio giant decided to share pictures of the members of the Avengers from the first time they appeared in the movies, to their latest appearances.

Viewers got to see how their favorite heroes changed over the course of the MCU.

One set of pictures showed a collage of Tony Stark or Iron Man, Captain America or Steve Rogers, Thor, and Black Widow.

Check out how our heroes have changed over the years

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Picture 2

And this is how Nick, Hawkeye have changed with time

Marvel was not done with the challenge as more pictures of heroes followed.

It showed director of SHIELD Nick Fury, Agent Phil Coulson, and Clint Barton or Hawkeye.

What's remarkable about the photos over the years, is how the recent pictures all have a unifying theme of despair to them.

The pictures show the Avengers are indeed broken after the events of Infinity War.

Most importantly the logo of Marvel Studios has changed

Among all the pictures in the 2 sets of collages, what really stood out was the logo of Marvel Studios. They showed how the logo has changed over 10 years, as Marvel continues amazing us by portraying fantastic heroes and exciting adventures on big screens.

Marvel shows how heroes have become helpless in 10 years

Fan response

Fans chipped in with their own versions of the #10YearChallenge

Fans were quick to respond to this new trend with their versions of the #10YearChallenge.

One included how Aunt May had changed from her time in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies to Marvel's casting.

Another fan showed how Vision was Jarvis before becoming an Avenger.

Other hilarious combinations showed how casts for Hulk and James Rhodes or War Machine had changed in MCU.

Aunt May seems to be getting younger with time

JARVIS becomes an Avenger eventually

Hulk sure looks a wholly different person

Is that the same James Rhodes?

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