Newly engaged Pratt-Schwarzenegger move in together


20 Jan 2019

Chris Pratt-Katherine Schwarzenegger move in next to Pratt's ex-wife's house

Chris Pratt is best known for playing the charmingly witty Peter Quill or Star-Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As we had reported, the actor has recently gotten engaged to Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter of famed Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Now, the two lovebirds are moving in together right next to Pratt's ex-wife, Anna Faris.

Read on.

Moving in

Engaged couple take relationship to the next step

Pratt and Katherine are taking their relationship to the next level, as couples in love often do.

If the engagement was not proof enough, they have now decided to move in together.

However, there is just one weird snafu.

It turns out they are going to be moving in next to Pratt's ex-wife Faris' house.

Talk about having awkward neighbors!


Pratt loved being at Katherine's home and decided to shift

Pratt loved spending time at Katherine's home in the Santa Monica neighborhood.

As a result, the Jurassic Park actor decided to move in with her in the house that is 35 minutes west of the home he shared with Faris, according to reports.

The house the celebrity couple Faris and Pratt shared earlier while married was a secluded one in Hollywood Hills.

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Settlement clause

Divorce settlement forces Pratt to live close to ex-wife Faris

Pratt's living conditions have to be close to his ex-wife Faris' because during their divorce settlement they made a deal.

The deal stipulates that the now divorced couple must live within five miles of each other till Jack, the son born of their marriage, reaches sixth grade.

Notably, 6-year-old Jack spends time with both his parents who are handling the divorce maturely.

No awkwardness

Pratt and Faris are however making the divorce arrangements work

Despite anticipated awkwardness at moving in next to an ex, Faris and Pratt are handling their divorce well.

Not only did Pratt reach out to Faris before proposing, but Faris too volunteered to officiate at Pratt and Katherine's wedding.

Pratt and Katherine have also been on double dates with Faris and her boyfriend Michael Barrett, so being neighbors should not be a problem.

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