Iron Man's armor is weird, find out why


22 Jan 2019

#ComicBytes: Five weird facts about Iron Man's armor

Iron Man is one of Marvel's most iconic heroes and an integral part of the Avengers.

Despite being equipped with the latest technology and advanced weapons, it is ultimately a suit of armor worn by the genius inventor Tony Stark.

The armor has helped Stark take on villains, way more powerful than himself.

Here we look at five weird facts about Iron Man's armor.

Fact 1

Iron Man needed to charge himself using electricity

During Iron Man's early days the suit was dependent on electricity.

This meant that every time Stark came back from a heroic mission, he would have to charge the chest plate on which the armor ran.

It was kind of weird seeing Stark looking for the nearest power outlet to charge the advanced batteries before he could step into the Iron Man suit again.

Fact 2

Iron Man's suit provides additional protection to vital organ

Iron Man's first suit was made while Stark was in captivity. It had some cool things like flamethrowers, rocket boosters.

However, it had some weird features like loudspeakers under his belt.

The weirdest feature was a metal kilt that was worn around the waist.

Presumably, Stark was concerned about his vital organ below the belt and decided to give it some additional metal protection.

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Fact 3

Iron Man was a skater boy at heart

A metal suit with the latest weaponry and technology sounds pretty cool, right?

Stark made it lame by adding roller skates to it. The logic behind this addition was Marvel's attempt to reach out to a younger crowd that obviously enjoyed roller skating.

However, the comics explained that Stark would not exhaust the boot jets in case of long distance travel by skating there!

Fact 4

Iron Man can draw energy from extreme temperatures

Iron Man's suit used to run on electricity as we said. Post movies, the comics have shown his suit is powered by the arc reactor.

However, earlier, comics introduced a change in his suit that allowed him to recharge itself from extreme temperatures.

This allows Stark to fight in extremely hot and cold temperatures or villains who can manipulate temperature, while recharging his suit.

Fact 5

Iron Man's armor lives inside him

With real-life progress in science and technology, Iron Man in comics has had to up his game to remain ahead of the curve.

To this extent, Stark had a storyline titled Extremis where the suit was made of complete nanotech.

As a result, the suit now resides inside Stark's bones and comes out of his pores to become an armor, anytime he needs it.

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