Christopher Nolan is making an 'event movie'


27 Jan 2019

Christopher Nolan reveals release date of his next movie

Christopher Nolan's name needs no introduction in Hollywood.

Over the years, he has managed to execute a perfect balance in his movies that have become blockbusters while retaining a certain standard of content.

Now, the globally renowned director is bringing his next project slowly into focus and the release date of the same was also announced recently.

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Release date for Nolan's upcoming film: July 17, 2020

Warner Bros. made the announcement on Friday, January 25 that Nolan's upcoming film would hit the theaters tentatively on July 17, 2020.

It is going to be an IMAX release.

While not much is known about the script or the plot of the upcoming film yet, we do happen to know from The Hollywood Reporter that it is going to be an event film.

July movies

Nolan's love for releasing his movies in July

Nolan has historically had a fondness for releasing his movies in July, so the upcoming movie's scheduled date makes sense.

To put things in context, 4 of Nolan's last 5 movies were released mid-July.

These include The Dark Knight which released in 2008, Inception in 2010, The Dark Knight Rises in 2012 and Dunkirk in 2017.

Interstellar, released in November 2014, was an exception.

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Why is Nolan being so secretive about the upcoming movie?

Fans might be wondering why so little is known about Nolan's upcoming movie.

The reason behind his propensity for secrecy is to keep the plot of the movie away from prying eyes.

This is compounded by Nolan's stature in the industry, allowing him to get any actor he wants on board and packaging the entire project in secrecy before presenting it to studios.


Fresh off 'Dunkirk's success, we expect another blockbuster

Nolan is coming off the success of Dunkirk.

The World War II movie, in 2017, was a fresh experience, showing the tension of battle on three fronts, the land, the air, and the waters.

The film won 3 Oscars and got Nolan his first nomination in the Best Director category.

We hope that Nolan's successful streak continues, making his upcoming event film a success.

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