'Black Panther' creates history at SAG Awards


28 Jan 2019

'Black Panther' wins most prestigious prize at SAG Awards

Before the Oscars, Black Panther is already making waves in other prestigious award ceremonies.

Ryan Coogler's groundbreaking Marvel film already broke quite a few glass ceilings by being the first superhero movie to get a nomination into the Academy's Best Film category.

Now, it has made history again on January 27, Sunday, at the Screen Actors Guild Awards by nabbing the most prestigious prize.

What awards did 'Black Panther' win?

At the SAG Awards, Black Panther won the best cast ensemble prize. This happens to be the most prestigious award offered by the SAG-AFTRA. It is the equivalent of the Oscar's best picture award. It also won for stunt ensemble in a motion picture.

Making history

How did 'Black Panther' make history at SAG?

Black Panther, the critically and commercially acclaimed film from Disney and Marvel Studios, made history at the SAG by becoming the first superhero movie ever to win the best ensemble award.

It made another record at the award ceremony, by becoming the highest grossing film to win this award, having collected $1.35 billion or Rs. 9,604 crore approximately, from global ticket sales.

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Who are the stars who received the award?

Marvel's Black Panther had an almost all-black cast, and the stars who received the prestigious award included Chadwick Boseman, the protagonist, Michael B. Jordan, the chief antagonist, Danai Gurira, Lupita Nyong'o, Andy Serkis, Sterling K. Brown, and Angela Bassett.

Unhappy fans

Despite prestigious award, 'Black Panther' fans were unhappy, here's why

Despite winning the prestigious award at SAG, Black Panther fans are not happy.

This is primarily because Boseman failed to thank the legendary Stan Lee, who passed away in 2018, while accepting the award.

Fans felt it was unfair to only mention people involved in making the film and not Lee or Jack Kirby, who wrote the comics, making the Black Panther film possible.

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