Manikarnika producer Kamal Jain supports Kangana, slams Krish


01 Feb 2019

#ManikarnikaRow: Producer Kamal Jain slams director Krish for 'demeaning' Kangana

Kangana Ranaut's Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi is performing well at the box office and has earned Rs. 61.15 crore so far.

But while Manikarnika is winning hearts, it found itself at the center of controversy over directorial credits, which were shared between Kangana and director Krish.

And now producer Kamal Jain has come out in Kangana's support and slammed Krish for demeaning her.


Krish wasn't happy Kangana replaced him as director

Krish wasn't happy Kangana replaced him as director

It all started after co-director Krish accused Kangana of taking directorial credits which she didn't 'deserve'.

Kangana claimed she reshot 70% of the movie but Krish rubbished her theories.

He alleged he was not aware that Kangana was replacing him as the director.

Krish also stated that Kangana reduced the screen time of her co-stars and 'wanted everything just for herself'.


Kangana stood by the movie since beginning: Kamal speaks up

While Krish's statements created an uproar in the industry, producer Kamal Jain supported Kangana. He said he decided to give Kangana the directorial credits.

"It was mine and studio's collective decision to give credits the way they are and to attack Kangana who stood by the film from beginning to end is very sad," Kamal told Pinkvilla.

We wonder what Krish would say now.

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Krish is trying to harm our movie: Kamal

Kamal alleged Krish was trying to harm Manikarnika. "Rather than giving media trials, why doesn't he go legal way if he's speaking the truth and prove his claims. It's sad he chose to create this controversy at this stage," Kamal said.


Both Kangana and Krish deserve credits, says writer

Both Kangana and Krish deserve credits, says writer

Meanwhile, Manikarnika writer K Vijayendra Prasad stated that both Kangana and Krish have worked extremely hard.

"Manikarnika is close to me, as it's named after my daughter. So, any controversy isn't a happy thing for me. I hope the controversy dies a natural death, and Manikarnika enjoys a good run. If Krish has done a good job, so has Kangana," he added.

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