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03 Feb 2019

#ComicBytes: Five most powerful magicians in DC comics

DC has an extremely detailed universe which is host to several superheroes.

Thus it is expected that some of these characters would use magic as a source of power.

For those unaware, DC made its mark with magical creatures under the skilful hand of Alan Moore.

Most magic users appear in DC under the Vertigo label and here we talk about five best magicians.

In context

Do you know the most powerful DC magicians?

Hero 1

Captain Marvel: The magical powers of Shazam

Billy Batson becomes Captain Marvel by uttering Shazam.

The word itself holds magical power and each letter of the word denotes a gift Billy gets. These include wisdom of Solomon, strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles, and Mercury's speed.

Shazam's magical powers have allowed him to gain an advantage over Superman, despite being matched in terms of strength.

Hero 2

Zatanna: Real magic combined with an illusionist's tricks

Zatanna is a valued member of the Justice League.

Despite being a powerful magician, she continues amazing audiences with her illusions.

Bringing both skill sets into battle, Zatanna has the power to say commands backward in order to make them happen in real life.

For example, if she said 'won og' you would end up going at the very moment she gave the command.

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Hero 3

The Phantom Stranger: The power of omniscience

The Phantom Stranger is one of the most enigmatic DC characters.

In comics, there are hints of this character's supernatural origins. While avoiding personal conflict, The Phantom Stranger is omniscient and knows exactly where and when he is needed.

It is believed the Phantom Stranger is actually an angel stripped of powers for refusing to take sides in the revolt Lucifer raised against God.

Hero 4

Doctor Fate: The helmet of unlimited power

Doctor Fate is not as much a character, as it is a mantle that has been passed down from hero to hero.

Upon discovery of the tomb of Nabu the Wise, the first Doctor Fate, Kent Nelson became the magic-wielding superhero.

Doctor Fate's powers are nearly limitless and include telepathy, super strength, energy bolts.

The incredibly powerful sorcerer is one of DC's strongest characters.

Hero 5

The Spectre: Literal version of God's vengeance

When a police officer, Jim Corrigan, was murdered in the hands of thugs, he was sent back to earth as the Spectre.

The Spectre is considered to be the literal embodiment of God's vengeance.

One of DC's most powerful characters, the Spectre can use magic to literally perform any feat.

However, the Spectre requires a host in order to fully use its powers.

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