03 Feb 2019

'Captain Marvel' new clip reveals exciting fight sequence on train

Commuting in Los Angeles is not easy, and the new Captain Marvel clip proves it.

Recently released, it shows Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel in the middle of an intense fight on the top of a train.

The clip introduces the upcoming Captain Marvel movie's main characters while giving fans a glimpse of her power.

Read all about this new and exciting clip here.

Earlier clip

Earlier clip showed a different fight sequence on the train

We had earlier reported of a clip that showed Captain Marvel fight with an old lady on a train.

It turned out the woman was a Skrull, an alien race that disguises itself as humans as they attempt to invade earth.

While Danvers punched the woman in the face, she showed surprising agility and strength, giving our superhero a tough battle.

New clip

New clip gives better look into the action

The new clip gives a clearer view of the fight sequence.

Captain Marvel seems to be battling another Skrull on top of the train. It is either that, or the old lady has shape-shifted to a man.

As the battle commences, Captain Marvel uses energy blasts to clear a portion of an upcoming tunnel.

Then she blasts a hole and enters the train.

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SHIELD monitors Captain Marvel as she fights on train

While the fight goes on, we see a glimpse of a younger Nick Fury and Phil Coulson, as they track the train.

However, they seem to be keeping out of the main action, preferring to trail the superhero and see how the fight pans out.

Perhaps this fight sequence will lead to the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership between Danvers and Fury.


Setting up the Kree Skrull rivalry in the movie

The upcoming Captain Marvel movie which releases on March 8 will show Danvers as a member of the elite Kree force.

She will be involved in the interracial alien war between the Krees and the Skrulls.

The fight sequence on the train is just a teaser for bigger things to come.

We cannot wait to see how Danvers eventually becomes Captain Marvel.

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When did Captain Marvel release?

Asked 2019-02-03 19:19:46 by Aaryan Tambe

Answered by NewsBytes

Captain Marvel released on March 8.

When is 'Avengers: Endgame' releasing?

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While Captain Marvel will be the introductory movie for us to know the character, it might show time travel to hint at how she will help the Avengers.

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Thanos might have a mention in Captain Marvel, but the movie will focus on the Kree Skrull war mostly.

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