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03 Feb 2019

#ComicBytes: Five times Iron Man has killed in comics

Marvel superhero Iron Man is famous as the bad boy philanthropist do-gooder with his own unique brand of charm and flamboyance.

However, his quirks don't change the fact that he has often ended up killing his foes in an effort to save the world.

Even though the body count is quite high, here are the best five kills in the Iron Man Universe.

Kill 1

Vortex: The tormented mind of Iron Man

Vortex is perhaps the most ingenious of Iron Man's killings.

He doesn't even have to lift a finger to end the game of this virus, which took over his body and got him drunk.

Vortex is in pain but Iron Man claims that he doesn't know this word which prompts Vortex to explore Iron Man's most terrible memories and leads him to kill himself.

Kill 2

Gremlin: Killed in Stark's attempt to do good

When Iron Man was on a mission to destroy all his own tech to prevent it from falling it into enemy hands, he encountered Gremlin who then had the Titanium Man armor.

While fighting, Iron Man flies higher and higher attempting to get Gremlin off his back but to his dismay, the Gremlin's armor bursts into flames and he plummets to his death.

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Kill 3

Stark armor: Taking the blame for his own creation

Iron Man goes to the reception of the Carnelian ambassador, Mr. Kotznin because he hopes to build a factory in Carnelia.

Kotznin chooses Stark Industries over various other companies because he is an Iron Man fan-boy.

Competitor Justin Hammer is not pleased with his decision and triggers a repulsor on one of the Armored Avenger's suit, killing the ambassador and Stark takes the blame.

Kill 4

Immortus: Losing his mind and becoming a killer

When Tony Stark was under the influence of Immortus, he was an evil mind-controlled Avenger, who set out to kill innocents.

Showing absolutely no mercy to anyone he encountered, he killed Yellowjacket.

However, Yellowjacket only wanted to warn the Avengers about an impending disaster with a repulsor blast and also Marilla, an Inhuman who was living in the Avengers Mansion at that time.

Kill 5

Extremis: Taking things to an extreme measure

Extremis or Mallen was a domestic terrorist who was enhanced with super powers and turned into a remorseless almost unkillable terrorist.

He went on a reign of terror in which he invaded the FBI headquarters and ended up killing countless agents.

After trying almost everything to end Mallen's massacre, Tony Stark finally ends up using a repulsor to sever his head.

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