Iron Man is cooler than Batman, here's why


05 Feb 2019

#ComicBytes: Five reasons why Iron Man is cooler than Batman

Iron Man and Batman are two of the coolest superheroes in their respective universes.

Representing Marvel and DC's take on the billionaire-turned-superhero, both characters don't have superpowers.

So, they rely on their resourcefulness, wealth and ingenuity to fight crime with a little help from advanced gadgets and technology.

However, among the two, Iron Man is cooler than Batman.

We list out the reasons.

Reason 1

Suiting up: Better suit than the caped crusader

It is obvious that both superheroes rely on their suits heavily during their crime-fighting endeavors and Tony Stark has a better collection of suits.

Not only does Iron Man have more suits, they have more arsenal. Further, have evolved over the years, including cutting edge technological advancements.

While some of Batman's suits are highly advanced, they are nowhere close to Iron Man's.

Reason 2

No recruitment of kids for crime-fighting

Batman can be a great mentor and some of his recruits have become notable crimefighters like Dick Grayson who became Nightwing and eventually Batman too.

However, he tends to recruit kids with no experience in crime-fighting, often leading to horrible accidents like Joker's brutal torture of Jason Todd.

Iron Man, on the other hand, has a trained US Marine, James Rhodes, as his sidekick.

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Reason 3

Cooperation with the law makes a superhero better

Batman is a loner to the extent that he does not work with Gotham City Police Department, except for Jim Gordon, and that too to an extent.

Iron Man, on the other hand, is more than willing to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies.

His belief in superheroes' accountability and the need to be regulated by law can be seen in Civil War.

Reason 4

Need to maintain secret identity cramps Batman's crime-fighting

Batman can only come out at night since he has to maintain his identity as billionaire Bruce Wayne.

This severely cramps his crime-fighting since he cannot stop criminals during the day.

Tony, on the other hand, has revealed he is Iron Man and does not require to hide behind masks to stop crime.

Moreover, Iron Man's crime-fighting approach is much more direct and effective.

Reason 5

Batman might be smart, but Iron Man is smarter

Batman is incredibly intelligent.

He is perhaps the best detective and has studied several disciplines of academia.

Despite his intellect, he cannot hold a candle to Stark's genius.

A graduate from MIT at the age of 17, Stark just has a better mind than Batman.

Moreover, Stark is smart enough to design his own gadgets, unlike Batman who relies on Lucius Fox.

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