Do you know Aquaman's best powers?


09 Feb 2019

#ComicBytes: What are the five best powers of Aquaman?

Arthur Curry or Aquaman is one of the founding members of the Justice League and has been a DC comic character for a long time.

Despite his iconic heritage, the Atlantean is often mocked by readers.

However, he possesses an array of superpowers and we saw some of it in the recent James Wan-directed Aquaman movie, starring Jason Momoa.

Read Aquaman's five best powers.

Power 1

Withstanding intense heat: Some like it hot

Aquaman's body needs to withstand the pressure of the water in deep oceans.

Thus his physiology grants him skin that is almost impenetrable by normal human weapons.

While Aquaman is nowhere as durable as fellow Justice League members, Superman and Wonder Woman, the Atlantean can withstand intense heat as well as energy blasts.

This is best shown in Aquaman's battles with archnemesis Black Manta.

Power 2

Night Vision: Cannot escape Aquaman's eyes

Aquaman is a human-Atlantean since his father was a lighthouse keeper and his mother was the queen of Atlantis.

Thus, his body allows him to see clearly underwater, up to depths of 36,000 feet.

Apart from clarity of vision underwater, Aquaman enjoys a special power that none of his fellow League members have.

His night vision lets him see clearly at night, on land.

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Power 3

Power of healing and opening portals: A magical hand

Aquaman was blessed by the Lady of the Lake, the overseer of the Secret Sea, after losing his hand in battle.

She gave him a magical replacement called the Waterbearer Hand.

This new hand gives Aquaman powers to heal people.

His ability to open inter-dimensional portals using this power is of equal importance. This allows Aquaman to travel quickly and deal with alien threats.

Power 4

Flight: The ruler of the waters takes to the air

One of the coolest and most coveted superhero powers is that of flight.

While it would be surprising for a water-themed hero to take to the air, Aquaman has indeed gained the powers of flight.

In New 52 comics, Aquaman was blessed by the God of the Sea, Poseidon.

Therefore, he gained the power of unaided flight, which he has displayed on certain occasions.

Power 5

Access to The Clear: Much more than talking to fishes

Aquaman is often made fun of, as the guy who talks to fishes.

However, his powers go beyond that. His power of control over the seas and its creatures is so absolute that he can access The Clear.

For those unaware, in comics, The Clear is a force binding all life in the oceans.

Using these powers, he forms universal consciousness with all sea-life.

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