These Batman villains are extremely powerful


09 Feb 2019

#ComicBytes: Who are the five most powerful Batman villains?

Batman or Bruce Wayne is DC's most recognizable hero.

The iconic caped crusader has had a long, glorious run in comics, where he has amassed a notable and deadly rogues gallery.

For someone without superpowers, Batman's enemies are usually more powerful than him, and the Dark Knight has to rely on intelligence and resources to beat them.

Read about five most powerful Batman villains.

Villain 1

Posion Ivy: Typical femme fatale in Batman comics

Poison Ivy is a typical femme fatale in the Batman comics.

Her skin has a special pheromone allowing her to manipulate those in contact with her, and her lips are filled with toxins helping her to kill anyone she kisses.

What makes her really powerful though, is her ability to control all of mother nature, leaving Batman nearly defenseless in face of her wrath.

Villain 2

Bane: Only villain who has managed to break the bat

Bane is the version of a bigger, ruthless Batman.

Coupling immense strength with expert strategy, he gains most of his powers from the venom he uses. However, even off the venom, Bane's strength is not to be trifled with.

If you were wondering why Bane has made this list, it is because he is the only villain who has managed to break Batman.

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Villain 3

Barbatos: Batman cannot escape destiny itself

Barbatos is a bat demon introduced in comics. Not only is he among the deadliest of Batman's villains, but is also the driving force behind Batman's destiny.

It has been revealed that Barbatos was the one behind the creation of Gotham, and also had a hand in the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Batman's parents, pushing Batman to embrace his destiny.

Villain 4

Bat-Mite: An imp who could erase Batman from existence

Bat-Mite is not as much a villain, as is a mischievous imp who is a constant nuisance to Batman.

While not exactly malicious, Bat-Mite is no hero either. When this is coupled with Bat-Mite's reality warping powers, it is a cause for concern.

Batman can be glad that the imp is on his side for now, because Bat-Mite could potentially erase Batman from existence.

Villain 5

Talons: Undead elite assassins controlled by the Court of Owls

The Talons independently do not pose much threat, although they are undead elite assassins.

However, they are controlled by the Court of Owls, an underground organization of Gotham's elite, who run everything in the city.

Combining deadly skills and resources, this group poses the greatest threat to Batman, as they keep coming back to life every time Batman manages to put them down.

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