'Aquaman' spin-off will expand the lore of Atlantis


10 Feb 2019

'Aquaman' gets a spin-off movie, has been titled 'The Trench'

Aquaman made a huge splash recently on the box office and went on to become the first DC movie since Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises to reach the billion dollar mark, as we had reported.

Naturally, Warner Bros. is looking to capitalize on the success of the movie and has ordered a spin-off titled The Trench, seeking to expand Aquaman's universe.

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Sequel news

No news of a sequel, but spin-off is in works

Despite the commercial success of the movie, there are no serious talks about a sequel being made immediately.

All parties involved, including the studio, the director James Wan, and Jason Momoa, who plays the titular Aquaman, appear to be intent on taking a breather after the first movie.

While news around the potential sequel is scarce, a spin-off is definitely in the works.

Movie details

Meet the people behind the upcoming film

Aidan Fitzgerald and Noah Gardner are relative newcomers in the industry and have been tasked with penning the script for the upcoming movie.

Wan and Peter Safran are set to be producers of The Trench, which is supposed to have a much more modest budget than DC's tentpole film, Aquaman.

While details of the film remain unknown, we know the script will be horror-tinged.

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Deadly amphibious creatures first appeared in 'Aquaman' movie

The upcoming film will be set in the kingdom of Trench, but will not include the main cast of the Aquaman movie.

For those unaware, the Trench creatures were seen in Aquaman when our hero and his lady love Mera were searching for the magical trident.

These deadly amphibious creatures launched an unrelenting attack on the duo, forcing them to abandon their search.

Comic link

Aquaman lore has recently included the Trench creatures

Comic fans will know that Aquaman lore has only recently included the Trench creatures.

They were introduced in 2011 when DC revamped their entire publishing line.

Initially, they were a part of the kingdom of Atlantis, but when it sunk, some inhabitants ended up cut off from the survivors.

These inhabitants then evolved into the ravenous monsters we now know as the Trench creatures.

Taking franchise in new direction, laying ground for a sequel

The Trench will be a good way to add an element of horror to the fantastic world of Aquaman. Besides taking the superhero franchise in a new direction, The Trench could also explore and expand the world of Atlantis, laying the ground for Aquaman's sequel.

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When is 'The Trench' releasing?

What was Jason Momoa known for before Aquaman?

Who plays Mera in the Aquaman movie?

Who is the villain in 'Aquaman'?

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When is 'The Trench' releasing?

Asked 2019-02-10 00:23:09 by Sai Powar

Answered by NewsBytes

The Trench has only been ordered as a spin-off movie and does not have a release date yet.

What was Jason Momoa known for before Aquaman?

Asked 2019-02-10 00:23:09 by Sai Kadam

Answered by NewsBytes

Jason Momoa played Khal Drogo on the HBO show, Game of Thrones, before Aquaman.

Who plays Mera in the Aquaman movie?

Asked 2019-02-10 00:23:09 by Vihaan Sengupta

Answered by NewsBytes

Amber Heard plays Mera in the Aquaman movie.

Who is the villain in 'Aquaman'?

Asked 2019-02-10 00:23:09 by Charvi Malik

Answered by NewsBytes

King Orm played by Patrick Wilson and Black Manta are the main villains in Aquaman.

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