Do you know Superman has these dumb powers?


10 Feb 2019

#ComicBytes: Five weirdest powers of Superman

Superman is one of the most iconic DC characters and is a founding member of the Justice League.

The Man of Steel has had a prolific run over the years, where he has awed readers with his wide array of powers.

While his varied power set makes him a force to be reckoned with, he has some pretty weird powers.

Here're five such powers.

Power 1

Producing a tiny Superman from his hands

In Superman #125, Superman loses all his powers in a blast, except for invulnerability.

However, he gains the ability to shoot a tiny Superman, with all his original powers, from his hands.

Superman grows jealous of this tiny hero, and he sends him to stop a Kryptonite meteor. This kills tiny Superman, and the original superhero regains all his powers.

Power 2

Shooting rainbows from his hands, fighting crime with colors

The same accident that led to the miniature Superman fiasco also gave our dear Kryptonian an added ability.

Superman was, for a brief period of time, able to shoot rainbow colored beams from his hands that immediately caused criminals to surrender.

Thankfully, this power never stuck around and goes on to show how ridiculous some of the Silver Age of comics could be.

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Power 3

Superman could have a career as an expert ventriloquist

Superman could have made a career as a top-notch ventriloquist if his superhero stint didn't work out.

The Man of Steel is able to mimic anyone's voice or sound, perfectly.

Apart from his super-mimicry powers, he can also manipulate his voice to make people believe it was coming from elsewhere.

Notably, in comics, this is a power all Kryptonians seem to possess.

Power 4

Not everybody can be Superman, but Superman can be anybody

Superman, apart from his host of powers, also has the ability to shape-shift.

While this would be considered as a core power for a lot of heroes, in the case of Kryptonian, it was just another skill in an overcrowded box.

Superman's powers are evident in Superman #44 and Superman #45, where he could mold his face as well as change his entire body.

Power 5

The Kryptonian with the mind altering kiss

Superman has a lot of mighty powers, but some of them are downright creepy, like the power to alter someone's memory with a kiss.

Superman first showed this power in Action Comics #306, where he super kissed Lois Lane, so that she almost fainted.

In Superman II, he used the same power, so Lois would forget his secret identity as Clark Kent.

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