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11 Feb 2019

#ComicBytes: Five most terrible things which Thor has done

Thor is one of Marvel's most iconic characters and is a core member of the Avengers.

The Asgardian God of Thunder is a feared warrior and also one of the strongest characters in Marvel Universe.

However, over the years, Thor has done some pretty terrible things that are hard to reconcile with his image as a hero.

Read five worst things Thor has done.

In context

Find out the terrible things Thor has done

Act 1

A politically incorrect Thor decided to nuke China

Early comics were not best known for their political correctness.

In Journey Into Mystery #93, Thor found nothing of importance in the cosmos and decided to take on Communist China.

The Chinese retaliated by creating a villain, Radio-Active Man.

However, Thor summons a tornado which carries this villain back to China, causing a nuclear explosion and kills millions, telling them 'Sucks for you'.

Act 2

Thor jumped onto the Nazi bandwagon and was Hitler's friend

Thor was at one time friends with Hitler and helping the Nazis assassinate Joseph Stalin in The Invaders #32.

Swayed by Hitler's mention of Teutonic glory and a shared love for Wagner, Thor decided to lend his powers to the Nazis.

However, when he discovered Hitler planned to summon Trolls, Asgard's sworn enemies, the God of Thunder realized his historic mistake of supporting Nazism.

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Act 3

Thor beat up his girlfriend and almost destroyed Asgard

The Mighty Thor #471 is a prime example of Thor's misconduct.

The God of Thunder was afflicted with a case of Warrior's Madness. Under this condition, he beat up his then-fiancee, Lady Sif.

As if beating up his girlfriend was not bad enough, he then beat other cosmic superheroes, before stealing the Mind Gem and attempting to destroy Asgard.

Finally, Odin restored Thor's sanity.

Act 4

The brotherly feud ends with Thor murdering Loki

Thor and Loki have always been enemies, but the comics and films have portrayed their relation to show that deep down they care for each other.

However, this does not hold true in Thor #432.

When Loki kills an innocent human, Thor decides that Asgardian justice is too compassionate for the God of Mischief.

He then proceeds to rip Loki's life force, vaporizing him.

Act 5

Thor informed a cancer-afflicted Jane Foster of cheating on her

Thor can be a real jerk when he is not being a hero.

When Jane Foster, his love interest in comics, gets diagnosed with cancer and becomes the next God of Thunder, Thor does not take it too well.

In order to hurt and spite her, he tells her about all the times he cheated on her with other women, while they were together.

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