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13 Feb 2019

#ComicBytes: Five horrible things which The Hulk has done

The Hulk is one of Marvel's most recognizable superheroes and is feared across the comic universe for his raw power and strength.

Bruce Banner turned into the green rage monster after a gamma radiation experiment went horrendously wrong, and over the years his anger management issues have often led him to commit some horrific acts.

Read about the five worst acts committed by Hulk.

Act 1

Destroying a train due to a minor annoyance

The Hulk has spent most of his life asking to be left alone.

While generally causing destruction while defending himself, Incredible Hulk #122 saw Hulk commit a truly horrific act.

Annoyed by the noise of a train going by, he decided to destroy it.

Luckily no one was on board but the incident made Banner distraught as he redoubled his efforts to cure himself.

Act 2

Hulk nearly destroyed the Avengers and the Fantastic Four

The Hulk left the Avengers once he realized his team-mates did not completely trust him.

However, when he discovered Captain America had replaced him on the team, the green rage monster was determined to destroy the Avengers.

In a brutal fight that followed, the Hulk nearly destroyed the Fantastic Four, the Avengers and a large part of New York over his bruised ego.

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Act 3

Hulk nearly beats the Daredevil to death

Daredevil is known as the Man Without Fear and this was evident when he placed himself in front of a rampaging Hulk to prevent him from destroying New York, in Daredevil #163.

While the fight was not long, the Hulk brutalized Daredevil, nearly beating him to death, only because the hero tried to stop the Hulk from hurting innocent people.

Act 4

Ripping apart all the X-Men to seek revenge

World War Hulk comic series saw Hulk trying to exact revenge on a group of heroes calling themselves the Illuminati, who banished him from earth after deeming him too unsafe.

When trying to capture Professor X, one of the Illuminati, the Hulk had to face the X-Men.

He tore through them, mangling metal-arms of Colossus and repeatedly punching Wolverine in the face, causing concussions.

Act 5

Hulk forced himself on his cousin, She-Hulk

The death of Banner's wife, Betty, saw one of the most deplorable acts by the Hulk.

A mindless beast, he tried to force himself on his own cousin, She-Hulk.

Trying to mate with her, Hulk attempted to impress her by beating her and the Avengers up.

We cannot be really sure how Hulk hoped this would work, but it was extremely disturbing for everyone.

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