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19 Feb 2019

Confirmed: We finally know Jude Law's character on 'Captain Marvel'

Captain Marvel is about to fly into theaters on March 8, and it will introduce the world to the first standalone female superhero in the MCU.

Hyped to be the most powerful Avenger yet, in the movies, fans were also eager to know the role Jude Law would play in the upcoming movie.

Now, it appears that we have official confirmation of the same.

In context

'Captain Marvel' tie-in book confirms Jude Law's character


Official tie-in novel for movie confirms Law's character

Marvel just published the official tie-in novel for Captain Marvel by Steve Behling titled Starforce on the Rise.

The book introduces readers to the elite Kree Starforce and explains the relationship between the different members of the team.

It is here that Law's character was officially confirmed to be Yon-Rogg, who is one of the most memorable villains of Captain Marvel from the comics.


Novel also explores relationship between Yon-Rogg and Captain Marvel

The novel shows Yon-Rogg to be the senior-most Kree military commander working with the Supreme Intelligence on top secret missions.

Starforce is shown as his pet project and Vers is his latest recruit.

This turns out to be Carol Danvers who later goes on to become Captain Marvel.

It is evident from the start that Yon-Rogg considers her to be Starforce's most powerful member.

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Character reveal

After secrecy, Law's character finally gains clarity

When Law was first shown in the trailers people believed him to be Mar-Vell, Danvers' inspiration in comics.

However, Law went to great lengths to avoid naming his character and when Marvel began marketing the upcoming film, they too kept it shrouded in mystery.

However, the lid has been blown, thanks to the novel despite initial reticence about revealing the character's name.


What does Yon-Rogg's revelation mean for the movie?

Marvel's secrecy around Yon-Rogg's character is understandable.

In revealing the villainous character, fans can understand that the Kree Starforce is not the team of 'noble warrior heroes' that Danvers believes them to be.

In all likelihood, over the course of the film, Law will fully embrace the character of the antagonist and face off against Danvers who has to embrace her Captain Marvel persona.

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