Captain Marvel's body is weird, find out why


23 Feb 2019

#ComicBytes: Five reasons Captain Marvel's body is weird

Carol Danvers was a hero long before she stepped into the suit of Captain Marvel.

A fighter pilot, she also worked with the NASA before training with the alien Kree race and becoming a super elite soldier.

Before Captain Marvel whizzes into theaters on March 8, here we take a look at the five reasons why her body is weird.

Fact 1

Captain Marvel's body has human and Kree DNA

Captain Marvel's body has human and Kree DNA

Captain Marvel's body is not completely human.

She was created as a result of an accident that fused her DNA with that of the extraterrestrial being known as Mar-Vell.

Since Mar-Vell is a Kree warrior, Carol has part of Kree DNA in her body while the other part is human.

This genetic fusion is also the source of some of her powers.

Fact 2

Captain Marvel has a Kree structure in her brain

Not only did the Kree DNA affect Carol's body but also her mind.

In fact, she has an entire Kree structure in her mind. In the comics, when she starts getting severe headaches, doctors try to diagnose what is wrong with her.

It appears that if Carol pushes herself too hard, the Kree structure in her mind will make her lose her memories.

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Fact 3

Captain Marvel has a brain lesion and an unexpected connection

Carol's body has been tampered with several times, during her stint as Captain Marvel.

Thus it is unsurprising that her brain has gone through a lot of trauma.

However, in 2012 the comics revealed a weird fact about her mind. It appears as though the villain Yon-Rogg and her mind were linked allowing him to access her memories.

However, she soon ended this link.

Fact 4

Captain Marvel can survive without food

Captain Marvel is not like normal humans. Thus she is beyond normal human needs like food.

While most heroes need to take a break from crime-fighting to grab some grub to sustain themselves, Carol can simply survive on the energy she absorbs, using it as a food source.

Notably, the energy absorbed also helps her heal, fly and shoot concussive blasts from her hands.

Fact 5

Captain Marvel once had the power of seventh sense

Captain Marvel once had the power of precognition, which allowed her glimpses of future events before they had taken place.

While the Marvel comics dubbed this her seventh sense, it is surprising since humans only have five sense and this would technically have been her sixth.

Nonetheless, over the years, Carol seems to have lost this power as it has ceased appearing in comics.

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