Iron Man's body is weird. Find out why


02 Mar 2019

#ComicBytes: Five reasons why Iron Man's body is weird

Iron Man is one of the most iconic characters in Marvel. He is also one of the founding members of the Avengers.

However, underneath the suit of armor that inspires hope, is the genius scientist Tony Stark.

While Stark's invention gives him an edge in battles, there are several weird facts about his body itself.

We bring five reasons why his body is weird.

Fact 1

Stark's arc reactor protects his vital organs from repeated injuries

Stark first put the arc reactor in his chest to prevent shrapnel from inching closer to his heart.

However, the electromagnet lost its function when he had the shrapnel removed, which is shown in Iron Man 3.

The arc reactor also protects Stark from further, more serious injuries.

Stark uses the reactor to hack the vital organs of his body, to keep them functioning.

Fact 2

Stark developed a sentient brain tumor known as Anthony

In a parallel timeline in Marvel, Stark developed a brain tumor.

While this would normally be worrisome, the situation was further complicated when the tumor became sentient.

Having developed consciousness, the tumor was known as Anthony and helped Stark's thinking process, but was also able to act independently of him.

Functioning as a parallel processor, the tumor helped Stark until it was eventually destroyed.

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Fact 3

Stark has a rebooted brain, courtesy Thor and Doctor Strange

After the events of Civil War, Stark tries to destroy the only remaining copy of the records of superheroes from the registration act, which is in his brain.

To this extent, his experiment lands him in a coma.

However, he leaves instructions to revive his brain, which is done with help from Thor and Doctor Strange among others.

Thus, Stark gets a rebooted brain.

Fact 4

Stark has an alcohol problem, leads to disastrous consequences

A fact movie fans might not know is that Stark has an alcohol problem.

This dark side to the character was only hinted at in the movies but downplayed in general.

However, the comics have shown Stark struggling time and again with his drinking problem.

This is most evident in the Demon in a Bottle storyline where Stark's drinking leads to disastrous consequences.

Fact 5

Stark stores the Iron Man suit in his bones

Stark's nanotech now allows his suit to actually reside in his bones, so he can summon it to form the protective armor around him at any time.

This prevents the hassle of having to carry the armor around with him and means that Stark is literally the Iron Man now.

Further, his nanotech suit runs on technology which is completely controlled by his mind.

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