Here are the Justice League's deadliest villains


04 Mar 2019

#ComicBytes: Five deadliest villains of the Justice League

The Justice League is the premiere superhero team of the DC universe. It is considered to be the counterparts of Marvel's Avengers.

Comprising of some incredibly iconic heroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, the league neutralizes threats across the universe.

Thus it stands to reason they have some pretty powerful enemies.

Here we look at five deadliest enemies of Justice League.

Enemy 1

The Crime Syndicate: All the Justice League's powers without nobility

The Crime Syndicate is a group of nefarious characters who belong in an alternate universe and mirrors the powers of the Justice League members.

Owlman is Batman's counterpart, while Ultraman and Superwoman are the evil halves of Superman and Wonder Woman.

The powers of the crime syndicate are enough to always pose a threat to our superhero team every time they face off.

Enemy 2

Starro: Once tried to control the Justice League members

Starro is the first villain the Justice League ever faced.

It is a starfish-like parasitic alien conqueror. Starro tries to take over the psychic control of a planet by attaching spores on the faces of inhabitants.

Starro also once tried to control the Justice League members so they could conquer planets for him.

This creepy villain keeps coming back and always poses a threat.

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Enemy 3

Doomsday: Cannot be killed in the same way twice

Doomsday is one of the most recognizable villains of the Justice League.

The character is a pure force of nature and in its malevolence tears through everything in its path.

Doomsday also cannot be killed in the same way twice, thus making it a nearly impossible villain to defeat.

Doomsday has always given Justice League a tough time even causing Superman's death in comics.

Enemy 4

Anti-Monitor: While battling it, both Flash and Supergirl perished

The Anti-Monitor is one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe and when it was awakened, it began to consume different realities in an attempt to gain even more power.

The Justice League attempted to stop the Anti-Monitor and although they were successful, it came at a great personal cost as both Flash and Supergirl perished in the battle that went down.

Enemy 5

Darkseid: The greatest foe the Justice League can face

Darkseid easily tops the list for Justice League's deadliest foes.

One of the new Gods, the Lord of Apokalips has immense power.

He is intent on ending free will in the universe, so he can destroy it and rule over the remains. This has established him as Justice League's prime enemy.

With immense power and resourcefulness, he is a foe to be afraid of.

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