DC Universe weapons comparable to Thor's Stormbreaker


14 Mar 2019

#ComicBytes: Five DC Universe weapons comparable to Thor's Stormbreaker

Most people were introduced to Thor's majestic 'Thanos-killing-kind' weapon in Avengers: Infinity War.

Named 'Stormbreaker', the axe is one of the most powerful weapons in the multiverse. Meanwhile, DC Comic characters have some powerful weapons in their arsenal as well.

From Mother Box to Hellbat Armour, we bring you five DC weapons that are comparable to Thor's Stormbreaker.

Mother Box

Mother Box: The strange device that gave birth to Cyborg

Mother Box: The strange device that gave birth to Cyborg

Created on Apokolips, Mother Boxes are sentient supercomputers that have been in existence for a long time.

They can open Boom Tubes for interstellar travel (like Marvel's Bifrost Bridge), manipulate energy, grant the power of flight, telepathy, and technokinesis to the user. They have healing powers as well.

The Boxes provide their users with unconditional love and omni-knowledge and self-destruct when they die.

The Trident

Trident of Neptune: The weapon for Atlantis' Rulers

Anyone who can wield the Trident of Neptune becomes a sea-god with the power to command the sea, control the weather, and manipulate lightning.

The three-pronged weapon is so powerful that it can cut even the new Gods like Darkseid.

It is currently wielded by Aquaman and can fire lightning bolts, alter organic matter, produce force fields, and teleport him anywhere on Earth.

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The Lasso of Truth

The Lasso of Truth: Wonder Woman's signature weapon

The Lasso of Truth: Wonder Woman's signature weapon

The Lasso of Truth is an indestructible magical tool/weapon that can restrain enemies, compel them to speak the absolute truth, and in the wrong hands, bring people to a mental breakdown.

It is Wonder Woman's weapon of choice and because of her skill, she can use it to counter magic, dispel hypnosis, and fly using air currents.

This lariat can render anyone mentally helpless.

Hellbat Armour

Hellbat Armour: Batman's last resort against indomitable foes

The Hellbat Armour is an immensely powerful suit forged by all the main members of the Justice League. With its help, Batman was able to go toe-to-toe with Darkseid (a God) on Apokolips and save his son, Damian.

Since the suit is powered by the user's metabolism, it almost killed him.

Subsequently, he was forbidden by the league to ever use the suit again.

The Anti-Life Equation

The Anti-Life Equation: DC Universe's most dangerous weapon

The Anti-Life Equation: DC Universe's most dangerous weapon

A complex mathematical equation that no one can grasp. If someone did, sentient beings would be rendered devoid of any free-will.

This equation has been the goal of Darkseid and in case he ever got it, it will be beyond horrible for the multiverse.

It can grant immortality, the ability to control all that is sentient (even the antimatter universe) and resurrect the dead.

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Most asked questions

What is the Stormbreaker?

What other weapons does Wonder Woman use?

What are Aquaman's powers?

Does Batman have superpowers?

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What is the Stormbreaker?

Asked 2019-03-14 21:06:34 by Trisha Malhotra

Answered by NewsBytes

As seen in Avengers: Infinity War, the Stormbreaker is Thor's newest weapon after the Mjolnir. It is very powerful and can even summon the Bifrost. In the movie, it was able to give Thor an immense surge of power.

What other weapons does Wonder Woman use?

Asked 2019-03-14 21:06:34 by Harini Shah

Answered by NewsBytes

Other than the Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman uses magical bracelets, royal tiara, healing ray, and an ancient sword. She also has an invisible jet.

What are Aquaman's powers?

Asked 2019-03-14 21:06:34 by Reyansh Banerjee

Answered by NewsBytes

He can control the seas, talk to aquatic animals, summon them, breathe underwater, swim at lightning speeds, control the weather, and possesses superhuman strength.

Does Batman have superpowers?

Asked 2019-03-14 21:06:34 by Ishan Bose

Answered by NewsBytes

Batman has no superhuman abilities but his strong will makes him hold his own even against overpowered beings like Superman and Darkseid.

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