Here are the weaknesses of Superman


07 Apr 2019

#ComicBytes: Five weaknesses of Superman

Superman, called the Man of Steel, is one of the most famous and celebrated DC comic characters.

Capable of insane levels of strength, the Kryptonian also has super speed, flight, X-Ray vision, laser beams, and freezing breath.

However, for all his strengths, Superman has weaknesses too which have been exploited in battles, and not just Kryptonite.

We bring you Superman's five weaknesses barring Kryptonite.

Solar exhaustion

Sun is the secret to his energy

There's no denying that the sun is vital to all life forms on Earth. However, it is a little more important to Superman than the rest of us.

The time spent underneath the sun's yellow rays is the source of Superman's powers.

Therefore, if Superman's access to the sun's rays is cut off, he begins to lose his powers and becomes vulnerable in battles.

Red Sun

Red can kill Superman dead

While we saw how the yellow sunlight powers Superman, the Red Sun has the opposite effect, weakening him considerably.

It is noteworthy, that Superman's home planet Krypton, relied on light from the Red Sun. However, having spent almost all his time on Earth, Superman has become vulnerable to this light.

Villains have exploited this weakness, to render Superman vulnerable in combat.

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The unseen remains the worst enemy

Lead is a tricky object when it comes to Superman. Firstly, it blocks Kryptonite radiation, which is Superman's greatest weakness.

However, if Superman uses lead to protect himself, he essentially blinds his vision. This is because Superman's X-Ray vision cannot penetrate lead, which has often been used to conceal things from the Man of Steel.

Making Superman visually impaired in battle renders him vulnerable.

Psionic attacks

Placing mind over matter

For all his sheer strength, Superman's mind is exploitable. Several villains have used this, brainwashing him into doing evil things.

Vulnerable to psychic and telekinetic attacks, Superman's mind is the only reason Batman always carries precautions to stop him.

Nonetheless, he trained his mind to resist psychic attacks but still remains defenseless against telekinetic attacks which can harm Superman at a molecular level.


A howling man surrenders the fight

Having gained all his powers due to natural phenomenon, Superman has no defenses against magic and is just as vulnerable as an ordinary person.

Therefore, DC comics, which has no dearth of magical powers, has often put Superman in dangerous situations especially when he has faced divine or semi-divine beings.

Notably, this also means that magically enchanted weapons are capable of harming Superman.

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