Who are the all-time deadliest villains of Avengers?


19 Apr 2019

#ComicBytes: From Ultron to Thanos, five deadliest villains of Avengers

The Avengers is one of the most feared and recognized superhero groups in the Marvel comic universe.

Thanks to Marvel's intricate universe creation, there are several villains with nearly unfathomable power who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Since most of them consider the superhero team as their enemy, here we take a look at the five deadliest enemies of the Avengers.

Enemy 1

Doctor Doom: A villain with powers, brains and resources

Doctor Doom has a suit of armor that can equal Iron Man's, magical powers that can almost match Doctor Strange's.

He is also the ruler of nuclear power, Latveria, and has a time traveling machine.

All this combined with the fact that Doom is one of the most intelligent people in the Marvel Universe makes him a foe the Avengers would rather not face.

Enemy 2

Ultron: The constant persistence of reintegration makes him deadly

After being created by Hank Pym or Ant-Man, Ultron decided humanity was flawed and must be destroyed.

Although the Avengers have tried to put Ultron down several times, it uses the Internet to escape and rebuilds itself.

Since Ultron shows no signs of stopping without fulfilling its goal, it is one of the most persistent and deadly villains of Avengers.

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Enemy 3

Onslaught: An attack too heavy to sustain

Onslaught is a hybrid psychic entity combining the powers of Charles Xavier, Magneto and Franklin Richards, son of Reed and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four.

When facing the Avengers, Onslaught managed to send the heroes to a pocket dimension.

Believing that he had killed them instead, Onslaught stopped attacking, but if this deadly foe were to return, the Avengers would be in trouble.

Enemy 4

Kang: The conqueror of timelines is a deadly enemy

Kang is the descendant of Reed Richards and is called 'The Conqueror'.

What makes Kang deadly is his ability to time travel and his power to call upon weapons from any era.

He is one of the most dangerous enemies the Avengers could face since he has the perfect weapon to defeat each opponent and has mastered them due to several lifetimes of experience.

Enemy 5

Thanos: We have already seen how this battle goes

Thanos, the Mad Titan, is a descendant of the Immortals and has the physical strength matching the Hulk's, and the ability to harness immense cosmic power.

While this would easily make him one of the deadliest foes, he holds a special place on this list since his ambition to dominate the entire universe makes it impossible for earth's mightiest heroes to fight him.

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