GoT: Are the crypts really Winterfell's best bet?


24 Apr 2019

GoT theory: Will everyone in Winterfell crypts become a wight?

Episode 2 of Season 8 of Game of Thrones saw most of Winterfell's women and children taking refuge in the crypts, the underground chambers with coffins and tombs of the Starks.

Since White Walkers are finally here and one of their main powers is raising the dead, fans are speculating people in the crypts won't be safe.

Here's our take on the theory.

Lurking Danger

What makes the crypts so dangerous?

What makes the crypts so dangerous?

Crypts are full of generations of long-dead Starks.

Even if a few White Walkers manage to enter the structure, they might be able to raise the dead.

While it's highly unlikely, there is a possibility that a headless Ned Stark will rise.

Various trailers have shown the crypts with a frantically running Arya. It might be an indication of White Walkers' infiltration.


How does 'raising the dead' work?

Like almost everything about the Walkers, no one really knows this.

The books do help to some extent. For example, Tormund tells a story of his son who rose from the dead when there weren't any White Walkers nearby, leading to a possibility that they can raise the dead from afar.

There is another possibility: Winterfell is guarded by magic and they can't infiltrate.

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Raising Dead

Can they raise people who died thousands of years ago?

Can they raise people who died thousands of years ago?

This is interesting. We've seen Wights with some horribly mangled bodies but can Wights be created with nothing but a couple of bones?

How dead do they have to be to become a Wight?

If only recently died people can become Wights, we only have Rickon Stark who qualifies and the guy can't even zig-zag while running.

Even Lady Stoneheart could make an appearance.

Who is Lady Stoneheart?

While Catelyn Stark died in the TV series, she was revived in the books. She took the name 'Lady Stoneheart' and has a disfigured body with her throat slit, and can't speak coherently. She is currently slaughtering everyone who betrayed her.


Are the crypts really safe for Winterfell folks?

A place as creepy as the crypts, that too in Game of Thrones, can never be considered safe.

Thousands of secrets are hidden there along with an equal number of bodies.

There are two possibilities. First, the White Walkers raise the dead and cause utter mayhem, everyone dies.

Second, the war is lost, crypts are sealed, everyone is trapped forever.

Both are equally terrifying.

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Crypts Of Winterfell

Winterfell Crypts

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Even Lady Stoneheart


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It is an upcoming battle between the living and the undead Wights and White Walkers. It might be the highlight of the third episode.

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