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29 Apr 2019

'GoT' S08E03 review: All theories about the Night King, RIP

If I could describe this episode in three words, they'd be, exciting, anticlimactic, and unexpected.

Ever since the show started, there has been speculations and theories about what the Night King wants and how will he go about it.

This episode covers all of that and more, but ends in an intriguing yet abortive manner.

Here's our review of GoT's S08E03, The Long Night.

The War

The war's here and you can't take your eyes off

The war's here and you can't take your eyes off

This entirety of this episode features the war against the undead army. It takes place before dawn and ends as the sun is rising.

There is a lot of bloodshed, some named characters perish, while some surprisingly survive.

The undead army is as powerful as everyone thought and even with their Valyrian steel, Dragonglass, and two dragons, the living struggle to survive.


Hi! Dothraki. Bye, Dothraki

We were told in an earlier episode that 'Only a fool would meet the Dothraki in an open field.'

Maybe this statement only applies to live beings because, after a very heroic entrance with flaming weapons, the entire Dothraki army is utterly decimated in mere minutes by the Wight horde.

This is the exact moment when we comprehend the White Walker army's strength.


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The Red Woman finally gets her redemption

The Red Woman finally gets her redemption

Remember Melisandre? The priestess who almost helped Stannis gain control of Westeros but ended up making him burn his own daughter alive?

After watching this episode, you might hate her a little less because she is one of the prime players in this war, helping the living by lighting magical fires all around and motivating Arya towards her real purpose.

Dragon Battle

The dragon battle we were waiting for was, meh!

Jon, Dany, and the Night King have an aerial battle and while the visuals are top-notch, the battle itself could've been better.

Dany lands her dragon on the ground, in the middle of the undead army where he is surrounded by hundreds of wights and is injured.

Jon falls off his dragon and towards the end of the episode, yells at an undead Viserion!

Useless Characters

A lot of characters don't do anything at all

A lot of characters don't do anything at all

Bran is mostly warging in some crows while everyone protecting him meets their end.

Sansa, Tyrion, Missandei, Varys, and some unnamed characters sit scared in the crypts.

At one moment, Sansa hears cries of people dying while yelling, "open the door" and does nothing!

Tyrion quips and the viewers can feel the warmth between him and Sansa. Maybe they'll get married again!

The Heroes

Some characters meet a heroic end

Beric Dondarrion dies protecting Arya, Jorah Mormont dies protecting Daenerys, and Theon dies protecting Bran. They don't get to say any last words.

The most heroic death, however, was Lyanna Mormont's. The little bear legit kills an undead giant (Wun-Wun?) in her last moments!

It was frankly shocking to see Brienne, Jaime, Samwell, and Greyworm survive the onslaught.

They were saved by the plot.

Plot Armor

How do you win against an enemy who can't die?

How do you win against an enemy who can't die?

It's simple. You win with the help of deus-ex-machina.

In a shocking and unpredictable moment, Arya comes out of nowhere (well, she is a faceless assassin) and as the Night King is about to kill (?) Bran, stabs him with her dagger.

And thus, every White Walker, Wight, and of course, the Night King is destroyed.

Unexpected, but very satisfying to watch!


Opinion: The episode will definitely enrage the book fans

The fans of the show will enjoy the episode because of some fantastic visuals, at least when the lighting is optimal and a few good character arcs.

Book reader will (and should) wait for the new books because George RR Martin will certainly treat the story differently.

Verdict: As per this episode, the show is getting plagued by some shoddy writing.

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