Squirrel Girl: Lesser known facts about Marvel's strongest!


30 Apr 2019

#ComicBytes: The tiny Marvel character who's defeated the BIGGEST villains

One of the lesser known Marvel characters, Squirrel Girl has defeated the worst of villains including Thanos and Doctor Doom.

She debuted in an anthology comics, is not a mutant or a squirrel, and with her bushy tail and goofy looks, often teams up with the biggest heroes of all time.

Here are some facts about her that you definitely didn't know!

Defeated Doom

Here's how she defeated Doctor Doom

Here's how she defeated Doctor Doom

In her first comics appearance, "Marvel Super-Heroes" #8, Squirrel Girl (Doreen Green) meets her personal hero, Iron Man and requests to be partners.

Iron Man refuses and she tells him that she attacked a supervillain (Doom) to impress him.

Doctor Doom appears in front of them and puts them in a death-trap.

Thankfully, Doreen calls in her squirrel army, forcing him to retreat!

Defeated Thanos

Squirrel Girl also defeated the Mad Titan, Thanos!

Thanos is someone not many can defeat. Strongest heroes like Doctor Strange, Iron Man struggle in front of him and he one-shots lesser heroes in mere seconds!

So how did squirrel girl, a character who talks to squirrels, defeat him?

Well, no one knows. She did it off-panel, but it's true and was confirmed by Uatu (the being who watches everything in the universe).

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Super Nanny

When she's not defeating giants, she works as a nanny

When she's not defeating giants, she works as a nanny

Well, everyone needs a side gig. Squirrel Girl does what she's good at- being a nanny.

Luke Cage and his wife, Jessica Jones were once residing in the Avengers Mansion. They needed someone to take care of their daughter, Danielle, while they were out superhero-ing.

They chose Squirrel Girl (because fans demanded), and she once saved the child from evil Nazi robots!

A Mutate

Know her: She is not part-squirrel or a mutant

Most Marvel heroes are either a result of failed (or successful) experiments or are born mutants. Some, however, come in a completely different category.

They get their powers from external sources. Prime examples of this are Spider-Man and Squirrel Girl.

These heroes (or villains) are called 'Mutates' and are often confused for mutants (the people who carry a specific X-gene in their body).

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