Comic and Anime characters who can decimate Superman


08 May 2019

#ComicBytes: These characters can easily crush Superman

Superman is one of the strongest characters ever created, but he has a well-known weakness, Kryptonite. The green rock has been the reason behind his defeat on multiple occasions.

There are, however, some characters from different comics and anime who can crush Superman without even using Kryptonite.

While these crossovers might never become a reality, read this to find out who these characters are.

Light Yagami

Low chances of winning: A college student/God of Death

Low chances of winning: A college student/God of Death

Light Yagami has killed thousands without putting any kind of physical strain on his body.

He has the 'Death Note', a book that kills any human whose name is written in it.

All Light needs to do is find out Superman's real name, and he will be dead.

The plan, however, might not work because the book kills humans and Superman is an alien.


Probably a draw: Superman, but with magical powers

The 'original' Captain Marvel, Shazam was created in 1940 and at one time, became even more popular than Superman himself.

He has powers similar to Superman but additionally, he can speak and understand any language, control electricity, and use magic.

His fight with Superman will probably end in a draw. Both heroes actually tried to have an arm-wrestling competition once and were evenly matched.

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Substantial chances of winning: The ruthless Mad Titan

Substantial chances of winning: The ruthless Mad Titan

Thanos has been the bane of Marvel Universe for a long time. He is intelligent and has impressive raw power.

Thanos has faced and defeated some of the most powerful Marvel characters like Hulk and can be completely ruthless in a fight.

In terms of physical prowess, Superman is more powerful, but if the titan gets the Infinity Gauntlet, Superman will be instantly crushed.


High chances of winning: The alien who loves to fight

Ever since Goku was created, he has been pitted against Superman in countless forums, fan-discussions.

Both heroes are quite similar. They are aliens who symbolize hope in their respective worlds. They have faced multiple hardships and are boy-scouts who enjoy doing good deeds.

If they clash, however, Goku will probably win because the Saiyan can increase his powers manifold by changing his physical form.


Definite win: He who needs to throw just one punch

Definite win: He who needs to throw just one punch

There is no one Saitama can't defeat. He became a hero for fun and more than fighting crime, he is interested in getting discounts from departmental stores.

But don't let that fool you!.He has destroyed several monsters without even using 10% of his actual power.

His power is limitless and no one, not even Superman, can stand a chance against the One-Punch Man.

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