Characters who can easily crush 'The Strongest Avenger'


10 May 2019

#ComicBytes: 'Marvel' characters who can decimate The Hulk

Hulk has limitless power. The angrier he gets, the stronger he becomes. This can be the biggest problem for anyone who tries to face him.

In case he is almost defeated, he would just get angrier and stronger than ever.

There are, however, some characters who are simply too strong to pay heed to such trivial matters.

Here're some of those characters from Marvel.


The one who can not perish: Wolverine

The one who can not perish: Wolverine

It is hard to beat someone who has a healing factor. No matter how much you injure Wolverine, he heals himself and comes for you.

Wolverine has had an interesting relationship with the Hulk and the two have clashed multiple times.

In one storyline, Hulk went mad and literally ate Wolverine. The adamantium-clawed mutant regenerated inside the Hulk and sliced him from the inside!

Silver Surfer

The Herald of Galactus with the power cosmic: Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer is among the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe. He is a Herald of Galactus and finds new worlds for his master to consume.

He has near-limitless cosmic energy and can easily one-shot Hulk anytime. He has done so before when Hulk picked a fight. All he did was strike The Hulk once!

The Surfer, however, usually avoids active combat.

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Iron Man

The devastating power of technology: Iron Man

The devastating power of technology: Iron Man

In his usual suit, Iron Man will be undoubtedly crushed by the Hulk. But the genius billionaire has built different suits for different occasions.

He has a Hulk-buster armor that he has designed specifically to beat Hulk in case he ever loses control.

Tony once knocked him unconscious without the Hulk-buster but it took all his energy and could have even been potentially dangerous.


The Mad Titan seeking a perfect balance: Thanos

Even without the Infinity Stones, Thanos is one of the strongest villains out there, but even he avoids directly facing the Hulk.

Whenever the two have clashed, it has resulted in the destruction at a massive scale.

Thanos is undoubtedly stronger than the normal form of Hulk and defeated him so badly in Avengers: Infinity War, that he refused to come out!

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