16 May 2019

#ComicBytes: Know the Indian superhero created by Stan Lee himself

Stan Lee, the legendary storyteller has created some of the most popular superheroes of all time.

His creations have become a part of daily conversations owing to the success of the MCU films.

What most people don't know is that he created an Indian superhero as well. Known as Chakra, this hero protects Mumbai from evil.

Here's how his story goes.

The Genius

A Mumbai teenager who is a tech genius

A Mumbai teenager who is a tech genius

Chakra's real name is Raju Rai and he lives in Mumbai. The superhero debuted in 2011 (in a comic book) and his powers come from a blue jumpsuit given by his mentor, Dr. Singh. It allows him to unleash his body's chakras.

He seems inspired by Iron Man and Cyclops but gets an Indian theme with a shiny sun symbol on his chest.


Chakra: Powers, major villains, and more

The superhero can make use of all his chakras. This gives him superhuman reflexes and agility as well as destructive powers.

His arch nemesis is the super evil Boss Yama who can shoot deadly beams from his hands. He has also fought Thandai, a man with the power to control ice.

Raju is an orphan who admires his brother Sameer and is quite shy.

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Animated Films

Chakra has appeared in three animated films

Chakra has appeared in three animated films

A brainchild of Lee's POW! Entertainment and Sharad Devarajan's Graphic India, Chakra appeared in an animated film that aired on Cartoon Network in 2013.

For some reason, the Mumbaikar superhero had an American accent in the English version of the film.

Two sequels, Chakra: The Rise of Infinitus and Chakra: The Revenge of Magnus Flux were released in 2016 and 2017 respectively on Toonami.

Live-action Film

A live action film featuring Chakra was almost made

Lee and Devarajan wanted to expand the hero's horizons and collaborated with Phantom Films (famous for making films like Queen and Masaan) with its co-founder Vikramaditya Motwane serving as the director.

The film, however, suffered a setback when Phantom Films was dissolved a few months ago.

While its future is uncertain, we do hope that we see Chakra on the big screen soon.

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