Not just an angry superhero: Hulk's Heroics!


03 Jun 2019

#ComicBytes: Most heroic things which The Hulk has ever done

The strongest Avenger is often portrayed as someone with little to no control over his temper.

Although he has done some pretty awful things to multiple people in the past, that doesn't mean that The Hulk is a bad guy!

Hulk has done some incredible feats of heroism which have ended up saving his friends and even the world.

Here are some of them.

Held a Mountain

Saved everyone by lifting up a mountain range

Saved everyone by lifting up a mountain range

The Beyonder is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe.

During the Secret Wars event, he took a group of Marvel heroes and villains to 'Battleworld' and had them battle each other!

In the ensuing fight, Molecule Man dropped an entire mountain range on the heroes.

Hulk came to everyone's rescue and held the entire range until everyone was safe.

Saved a Planet

Single-handedly held a freaking planet together

Marvel features a group called the Illuminati that saves Earth from dangers.

The members never trusted Hulk and tricked him to leave the planet. His rocket, however, changed course and he ended up on a gladiator planet.

After Hulk almost conquered the planet, its evil ruler tried to destroy it.

Hulk saved it by single-handedly fusing its tectonic plates back.

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Asteroid Destruction

Destroyed an oncoming asteroid to save the Earth

Destroyed an oncoming asteroid to save the Earth

In Marvel Comics Presents #52, an asteroid twice the size of Earth was hurled towards the planet by some sadistic aliens playing a game.

In order to save everyone, Hulk donned jet-propelled, fortified rocket springs, flew into space, and smashed it in a million little pieces!

What's more amazing is that Hulk achieved this feat in his weaker Gray Hulk version.


Defeated the most powerful being: Himself

So this happened in Hulk: Future Imperfect by Peter David and George Perez.

Maestro, a mad superhuman killed every superhero on Earth and brought Hulk to the future.

The twist was that Maestro was none other than a future Hulk who had become exponentially powerful.

He almost slaughtered Hulk but turns out, Hulk was smarter and stopped Maestro with Doctor Doom's Time Machine.

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