Worst DC Comics betrayals in history


09 Jun 2019

#ComicBytes: Five betrayals that shook DC Comics to the core

Heroes like Superman and Batman exist so others can depend on them. No matter what the situation, everyone believes that the heroes will save the day.

But what if they don't? What happens when heroes give in to the dark side and end up betraying each other and their followers as well? Everything changes.

Here're the worst betrayals in the history of DC Comics.


When Superman became everyone's worst nightmare

Injustice (game, tie-in comic) is quite notorious owing to its brutality and violence. It's also infamous for turning the boy scout, Superman into an evil tyrant.

In the story, Joker drugs Superman and he ends up destroying Metropolis and killing a pregnant Lois Lane!

Unable to handle all the anger and grief, Superman straight up murders Joker and turns into an overpowered tyrannical nightmare.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern betrayed (and killed) his comrades

Green Lantern betrayed (and killed) his comrades

During the Emerald Twilight saga, the villain Mongul destroyed Hal Jordan's city, killing everyone there.

He dealt with his grief by creating a fake city with his ring. When his comrades tried to stop him, he snapped, killed them, and stole their rings.

He then absorbed the Central Power Battery of Oa, and became Parallax, the embodiment of all fear.

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Flash altered multiple lives forever to save his mother

Barry Allen's mother was murdered and since he could never get over it, he decided to go back in time and save her.

The plan worked for him but had major ramifications in the DC Universe.

Everything changed drastically and millions including Bruce Wayne lost their lives. The ones who didn't were permanently changed.

This infamous event was known as Flashpoint.


Batman indirectly betrays the entire Justice League

Batman indirectly betrays the entire Justice League

Batman is a guy who's always prepared for eventualities.

As a member of the Justice League, he needed to be sure there was a system to keep all the superpowered entities in check.

So, he created 'contingency plans' to combat each member of the Justice League, just in case.

They fell into the hands of Ra's al Ghul and the League was almost finished!

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman betrayed her principles

The cardinal rule for great superheroes is that they don't kill villains, no matter the crime.

Wonder Woman betrayed this rule when she snapped Max Lord's neck.

Max had taken control of Superman and fighting him at full power was an impossible feat.

In order to stop Lord, she killed him and caused a philosophical divide in the Justice League for years to come.

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