Five most amazing superpowers of Galactus


12 Jun 2019

#ComicBytes: Greatest powers of MCU's next probable villain, Galactus

He is a cosmic entity who existed even before the Big Bang. With limitless power and the ability to devour entire worlds just to satiate his hunger, Galactus is as bad as it gets.

Since Marvel Cinematic Universe is done and dusted (pun intended) with Thanos, he could very well be the next major villain.

Here are the best superpowers of Galactus.


He cannot be fully comprehended by mere mortals

He cannot be fully comprehended by mere mortals

Given that he is such a powerful entity who can decimate entire worlds in seconds, it is a surprise that he looks so silly in his purple suit. Turns out, it's the readers' fault.

The thing is, Galactus is a force of nature and a cosmic entity so powerful that mere mortals can't comprehend his true form.

He appears different to different people.


He can manipulate all forms of energy

Galactus has full control over all forms of energy and once destroyed multiple solar systems with his energy discharges.

If you are wondering where this energy comes from, it is from the planets he eats.

He can also control molecules around him and create entire sentient beings from nothing, using them as his heralds.

He can also bestow different powers upon others.

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Manipulating Life

A literal God who can create, preserve, and destroy

A literal God who can create, preserve, and destroy

He can create lifeforms and preserve them for his own benefit, for example, Nova and Silver Surfer. He can also destroy them at his will.

Galactus can't really die and in case he ever does (like in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline), he can resurrect himself.

In another version he stopped consuming life and instead started emitting it, thus becoming an entirely new entity.


Galactus' manga version is as Japanese as can be

For the uninitiated, Marvel has its own Mangaverse that takes inspiration from Japanese Manga. It ran from 2000-2002 and then from 2005-2006.

This universe's Spider-Man is a ninja who trained with the Spider clan.

Galactus, in this world, is a living planet looking like a tentacle monster with a giant eye who actually eats planets, as opposed to the classic draining their lifeforce.


His powers cannot be measured

If he becomes the next MCU villain, it will be extremely tough to defeat him because of his boundless power.

He has God-level strength, stamina, and despite his large size, speed, he can fly, teleport, create force-fields, transmute matter, and can read others' minds.

He has a genius-level intellect, far superior to humans and can also alter people's memories, control their souls.

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