Breaking down Malaika Arora's skincare regime


14 Jun 2019

Want to get glowing skin like Malaika Arora? Do this

Malaika Arora's hale and hearty presence makes one wonder, "How does she look so fab?"

The actress-model has always given us health goals. She is aging like fine wine and is an absolute epitome of fitness and health.

So how does she manage to look so irresistible? Here are some tips that she follows to keep her skin healthy.

Lemon Rush

She begins her day with lemon and warm water

She begins her day with lemon and warm water

The gorgeous lady of tinsel town starts her day with the intake of lemon and warm water, sometimes mixed with honey.

This morning laxative activates our internal organs, promotes healthy functioning and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

What's more? Citrus fruits keep the skin hydrated and flush excess toxins from the body, which leads to glowing skin.

Face mask

Malaika swears by this DIY mask; you should too

Malaika believes in natural cleansing and not cosmetics.

She resorts to potato, tomato, and papaya to clean the pores of her skin.

In an interview, she said she breaks them into liquid form and freezes the solution in an ice tray.

"You can rub the ice cube on your face and let the juice stay on for some time," she explained.

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Malaika prefers food items which are rich in Omega-3

Malaika follows a strict diet plan. She eats superfoods which are high in Omega-3, as it regulates hydration and keeps acne at bay.

Further, it eliminates wrinkles and helps fight free radicals that damage the skin.

Some of the foods high in Omega-3 are flax seeds, chia seeds, fish, quinoa, walnuts, almonds, kidney beans, and spinach.

So peeps, add them to your grocery list.

Natural Sugar

Malaika relies on seasonal fruits and avoids artificial sweeteners

Malaika relies on seasonal fruits and avoids artificial sweeteners

Malaika avoids artificial sugar and opts for fresh seasonal fruits, instead.

Several medical pieces have revealed that artificial sweeteners found in certain food products cause acne and skin eruptions. Moreover, they are a virtual invitation to several diseases like cancer, excessive blood sugar levels, and liver toxicity.

So, say "no" to artificial sweeteners and follow these tips to glow like Malaika!

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