Batman's alternate, darker versions in DC Comics


18 Jun 2019

#ComicBytes: Batman became darker than ever in these alternate versions

His superpower is being rich and his tragic past is what keeps on motivating him.

He never uses guns and has an arsenal of non-lethal weapons to save his city, Gotham, from dangerous criminals. This is who Batman is, right? Wrong.

Batman has a number of alternate versions, each better and more interesting than the other!

Here are 5 of the best ones.


The Batman without a moral compass

The Batman without a moral compass

The DC Universe has multiple 'Earths' with unconventional versions of superheroes.

Earth 3's Batman is known as Owlman and is similar to him in skill, intelligence, and wealth. There is one glaring difference though- Owlman has no moral compass.

Being a member of the Crime Syndicate of America, Owlman could've been one of the most menacing villains in DC, had he not been vaporized!


An alternate reality where Bruce Wayne died

In DC Comics' super controversial storyline, Flashpoint, Flash traveled back in time and changed certain things.

Due to Butterfly Effect, however, everything in the DC continuity changed.

In the Flashpoint Universe, Bruce Wayne died as a child and his father, Thomas Wayne took up the mantle of Batman.

His version of Batman is darker and has no qualms in killing villains.

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The Batman who's an actual vampire!

The Batman who's an actual vampire!

Batman & Dracula: Red Rain(1991) is a terrifying story that starts with Batman investigating multiple murders, finding Dracula as the culprit.

In order to stand up to Dracula, Batman lets himself become a vampire and subsequently defeats him.

This act, however, makes him lose his humanity. In the end, he becomes an immortal and ghastly monster who feeds on humans- villains and innocents alike!

Batman Joker

When Batman became the Joker and destroyed everything

Written by Scott Snyder, Dark Nights: Metal ran from 2017 to 2018 and explored a dark multiverse.

In its The Batman Who Laughs story, Batman kills the Joker but ends up inhaling a neurotoxin that turns him into the next Joker.

With the combination of Joker's insanity and Batman's skill, he becomes a cruel villain who almost destroys the Multiverse.

Dark Claw

Batman merged with Wolverine and the result was awesome

Batman merged with Wolverine and the result was awesome

Characters from DC and Marvel combine in the Amalgam Universe.

Batman, in here, merged with Wolverine to form Dark Claw. This superhero's alter-ego is known as Logan Wayne, a billionaire playboy with a tragic backstory.

His arch-nemesis is the Hyena (a combination of Joker and Sabretooth) and sidekick is Sparrow (Robin and Jubilee).

Apart from Batman's smarts, he has Wolverine's healing factor as well.

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