How to get a body like Salman Khan?


21 Jun 2019

Want to achieve Salman's level of fitness? Follow this then!

When we talk about superstar Salman Khan's fitness and physique, we immediately get reminded of his famous dance number Oh Oh Jaane Jaana from Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya.

Since then, his chiseled physique and level of fitness have driven his fans crazy.

But do you know how the Sultan of Bollywood stays fit even at the age of 53?

Well, check it out.


The 'Bharat' actor spends 2-3 hours gymming and exercising

To achieve a fit body, you need discipline, and the Bharat actor swears by it.

To stay at his best physical and mental level, the actor works out for 2-3 hours a day, which includes workout at the gym, cycling, and swimming.

Exercise promotes faster metabolism, and keeps your blood sugar level, blood pressure and other health problems in check.

So, sweat and gain!

Balanced Diet

Salman sticks to a balanced, protein-rich diet

Salman sticks to a balanced, protein-rich diet

Apart from this rigorous exercise routine, Sallu also believes in having a balanced diet, especially one that is rich in protein.

Depending on his intense workout session and what his roles demand, the actor eats fish, eggs, milk, almonds, protein bars and homemade yellow dal (his all-time favorite).

Moreover, he resorts to protein shakes to keep his muscles in shape.

So, now we know.

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He avoids processed and junk food items like plague

We often see a Madhuri Dixit promoting Maggi, or Deepika Padukone finding solace in a cookie, but that's just limited to the screen.

These processed items hardly feature in their daily lives, and Salman is no exception. He stays away from these mouth-watering junk food items.

Good for him, because research reveals that they not only lack nutrients, but also cause numerous health hazards.


Salman's workout plan makes him burn 3,000 calories a day

Salman's workout plan makes him burn 3,000 calories a day

Now, back to his workout plan.

Salman ensures he does 2,000 sit-ups and 1,000 push-ups daily, along with 500 abdominal crunches.

He mostly focuses on his abs, triceps, biceps, back and leg muscles and prefers lifting heavy weights. This improbable workout regime makes him burn 3,000 calories.

But a word of caution: Always begin with a less-rigorous workout, and then proceed to this plan.

Crazy as it gets!

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