Five must-read stories for every Iron Man fan


08 Jul 2019

ComicBytes: Five of the best Iron Man stories ever told

While he is now the best-known superhero in the Marvel roster, but Iron Man used to be in the sidelines just a decade ago. Which is why most people don't know about his iconic stories.

Tony Stark is a character who battles supervillains while he is battling his inner demons (he has plenty of those).

Read on to know his five best stories.


Two powerful armored characters in the middle ages

Two powerful armored characters in the middle ages

Iron Man is a scientific genius who wears a super-suit and fights crime. Doctor Doom is another genius, clad in a metal armor, who perpetrates crime. Both men find themselves transported to the middle ages in Doomquest.

Once there, the two join opposing factions, Morgan La Fay and King Arthur.

The story is a fun take on their rivalry.

Enter the Mandarin

Revisiting Iron Man and his most-iconic nemesis

What the MCU failed to explain properly is that Iron Man's arch-nemesis isn't Thanos but The Mandarin.

The two have been at loggerheads ever since Iron Man made his debut in Marvel. However, their stories always lacked a little something.

This problem was solved by Joe Casey and Eric Canete's Enter the Mandarin that revisits some of the best Iron Man moments with Mandarin.

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World's Most Wanted

Iron Man, hunted by the SHIELD

Iron Man's relationship with SHIELD has been interesting for the most part because of Nick Fury's leadership.

In World's Most Wanted, however, popular Spider-Man villain Norman Osborn assumes leadership and puts out a warrant for Stark's arrest.

He tries to save his fellow Avengers from Osborn's evil agenda and almost goes brain-dead in the process.

The climax of this one is especially noteworthy.


The second-saddest Iron Man story of all time

Deliverance is a special story where Tony doesn't wear his suit even once.

He is broke, without friends, money, and any support whatsoever. On top of that, he is battling alcoholism and Obadiah Stane.

The fact that he spends most of his time wandering as a homeless guy while reflecting on his mistakes makes it the second-saddest Iron Man story.

Demon in a Bottle

When Tony Stark hits absolute rock-bottom

When Tony Stark hits absolute rock-bottom

Demon in a Bottle shows Iron Man in a completely different light.

Beneath all his playboy charm and genius persona, there is a man battling a severe alcohol addiction. This story is all about that aspect.

Tony is not the quintessential hero in it but a simple human who makes mistakes and faces consequences.

This iconic story should be read by everyone.

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