Five of the saddest DC stories ever told


09 Jul 2019

Feeling Blue? Here are five saddest DC Comics storylines

Mediocre stories follow a basic template. There's a hero who sets out to do something. On the way, he suffers a few setbacks but since he's the hero, he overcomes everything and emerges victorious in the end.

Usually, they're predictable. Even if something bad happens, the reader knows that everything will be alright.

The following DC Comics stories are everything but that. Read on...

Story #1

When Batman loses his biological son, Damian

Batman's biological son Damian comes across as an arrogant brat hell-bent on having his own way. He is a brave lad though.

When he became the new Robin, Batman trained him with everything he had. It was going well until one day, The Heretic killed Damian.

Bruce was devastated and the comic portrays the feeling perfectly, especially when he finds Damian's last letter.

Story #2

When Flash gave Batman the best possible gift

When Flash gave Batman the best possible gift

After the events of Flashpoint, a young Bruce Wayne died and Thomas Wayne became the new (and darker) Batman in an alternate timeline.

Flash was somehow able to erase that timeline but not before Thomas gave him a letter addressed to his timeline's Bruce.

When everything became alright, he gave the letter to the original Batman, who read it with tears in his eyes.

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Hal Jordan/Sinestro

The story of the greatest Green Lantern

The relationship between Hal Jordan and Sinestro went from mentorship to friendship and subsequently enmity.

In one storyline, a new recruit is being told the story of the greatest Lantern, Hal Jordan by the Bookkeeper- watcher of the book of Oa.

When it's revealed that the keeper of all knowledge is actually Sinestro, it becomes clear that not all bad guys can be generalized.

Story #4

A heart-wrenching story told from a pet's perspective

A heart-wrenching story told from a pet's perspective

One of DC Comics' biggest events, Infinite Crisis saw the end of Superboy, who died in a tragic turn of events.

A lot of characters were affected by his death but no one was affected more than Krypto, the super dog, who had become too attached to Connor Kent.

Krypto, with his super senses, knew of Connor's passing and let out an earth-shattering howl.

Story #5

Superman saves a girl from committing suicide

A single panel from Superman's comic reinforced what being a hero means.

A superhero isn't someone who fights intergalactic battles and shatters planets but someone who can save even a single lost soul.

When the imposing form of Superman saves a teenager from jumping off a building, it seems that all hope is not lost.

A truly melancholic panel in an awesome comic book.

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