Probe ordered in Raees's promotional event at railway station

24 Jan 2017 | Written by Supriya ; Edited by Mansi Motwani

Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu, today ordered an investigation into the death of Farid Sherani.

Sherani died in the chaos that erupted during promotional event of Shahrukh Khan's soon to be released movie, Raees at Vadodara railway station.

Prabhu directed 'Director general of the Railway Police Force' to immediately initiate a probe and stated that stern action would be taken in case of any lapses.

In context: Aftermath of Raees's promotional stunt

BackgroundMovie Raees's promotion at Vadodara

Shahrukh Khan's latest movie 'Raees' is set to be released on 25th January.

Ahead of its release promotional events across cities have been held: during one such promotional campaign called "Raees by Rail", Khan travelled from Mumbai to Delhi on 'August Kranti Express' yesterday.

Last night, Khan's train halted at Vadodara railway station where his presence led to a near stampede among gathered fans.

What TranspiredEvents that unfolded at the station

A massive crowd of fans had gathered at Vadodara railway station to catch a glimpse of Khan.

When the train arrived, Khan didn't get off train but chose to wave to his fans from inside.

The crowd went berserk and began to bang on window panes.

Soon after, when the train started to leave, people started running alongside trampling over some people.

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Tragedy strikes

In the melee that unfolded at Vadodara's railway station, one person lost his life, several collapsed and many were trampled upon. Among policemen controlling crowd, two constables collapsed in the chaos and are currently under treatment.

24 Jan 2017Probe ordered in Raees's promotional event at railway station

Reactions from multiple quarters

Who said whatReactions from multiple quarters

Shahrukh Khan expressed great sadness at the unfortunate turn of events at the railway station as the person who lost his life was related to a member of Shahrukh Khan's team.

BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya however slammed Shahrukh Khan and said movie promotions led to undue hardship to other people.

Railway police said they prevented higher casualties as they managed to save some children.

Pinning the blame

When fingers were pointed at Khan for the chaos, some raised other questions as the promotional event was given green light by Railways Ministry. The Railways Minister himself posted Khan's pictures in the train to promote Indian railways.
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25 Jan 2017SRK extends help to family of Raees promotions' victim

During a promotional tour for Shahrukh's latest movie 'Raees', a man named Farid Khan lost his life due to the stampede and suffocation at Vadodara station.

The victim was an uncle of a journalist who was part of the promotional tour.

According to the journalist, Shahrukh Khan and his team made arrangements for all of the victim's family to attend his funeral.