McD's new buns to improve burger quality

30 May 2015 | By Siripriya
The hot and tasty McD journey

McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook is banking on little changes to win the hearts of customers.

In order to improve the taste of their burgers, the company will now toast its buns longer in order to keep the sandwiches warmer.

They have also planned to change the searing and grilling pattern of their beef to make their patties more juicier.

In context: The hot and tasty McD journey

10 May 2013No Angus Burger on McD Australia/NZ menus

McDonald's has decided to discontinue the Angus burgers which were amongst the priciest items on its menu costing about $4 to $5.

The move comes along with the popularity of the cheaper "Dollar Menu", which made the costly Angus burgers a less attractive choice.

The company wants to catch pace with the shifting tastes; it is also discontinuing Chicken Select and Fruit and Walnut salads.

Jul 2014McDonald’s has a lesson to learn from Wendy’s

Even after the launch of Bacon Clubhouse Burger, McDonald's store sales have declined by 1.7% while Wendy's have gone up by 1.3%.

While McD's new burger has surely captivated their customer's taste, Wendy's better looking Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger has appealed to customer's senses as well as their taste buds.

Even though McD is improving, it still needs to learn a lot from its competitors.

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Less salt in burgers and fries: McDonald’s India

10 Feb 2015Less salt in burgers and fries: McDonald’s India

McDonald's India has decided to cut salt from its burgers and fries, a move which may result in negative feedback from customers, as they expect the same taste on each visit.

The company has also decided to check the sodium input in their sauces and buns to decrease the calorie count in their items.

29 Apr 2015 McDonald’s USA to introduce custom burgers

McDonalds, in order to revive its sales has introduced custom burger options for its customers.

Many of the McDonald's restaurants are offering the custom burger scheme called 'TasteCrafted', which allows customers to choose from a variety of "chef inspired flavours".

The scheme offers sandwiches made of beef or chicken along with three choices of buns and four choices of toppings.

30 May 2015McD's new buns to improve burger quality

Mind Blowing popularity of McD

The daily customer of traffic of McDonald’s all around the world is more than 62 million which is more than the entire population of the United Kingdom.

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