Batman's body is weird, here is why


13 Aug 2019

Five weird facts about Batman's body

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes in the DC universe.

One of the most remarkable facts about the caped crusader is that he takes on dangerous, powerful villains despite having no superpowers.

Dependent on only intelligence and resources, Bruce Wayne or Batman's body needs to be in top condition to fight crime.

Read five weird facts you didn't know about Batman's body.

Fact 1

Batman was once addicted to Bane venom

Batman has above average human strength, gained through rigorous training.

However, in his early days, the caped crusader decided to start taking Bane's venom in order to increase his physical strength.

While the venom did help him, it also made him more aggressive.

Luckily, Batman realized the error of his ways and quit completely by locking himself in the bat-cave for a month.

Fact 2

If night-time is for crime-fighting, when does Batman sleep?

Batman spends his nights fighting crime so it is obvious he does not have a regular sleep schedule.

How does the Batman sleep then? The comics have shown that Batman can have micro naps.

He has also trained himself to compress a whole night's sleep into three hours and can continue functioning normally for three to four days without sleeping at all.

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Fact 3

Batman's broken back required meta-human healing

For those unaware, Batman had his back broken by Bane in the comics.

However, no normal medical treatment could heal the 'fulcrum-type stress fracture' that Batman suffered.

Ultimately, he was healed by Doctor Shondra Kinsolving.

She used meta-human healing powers to restore Batman's back to normal but the use of her powers left her in a mental state that was childlike for several years.

Fact 4

Batman's body has grown immune to poison

Batman has been exposed to various poisons and toxins over his years as a superhero.

Therefore his body has eventually developed a resistance to certain kinds of poisons.

In comics, Batman has used his mere will-power to overcome certain mind-altering toxins and carries several poison antidotes in his utility belt.

However, his body has also developed antibodies to certain poisons, granting him immunity.

Fact 5

Batman has trained his body to become the ultimate fighter

Batman has no superpowers, so naturally, he must be an expert fighter to give him an edge over villains.

Bruce has trained with several warriors and mastered 127 different forms of martial arts including Judo, Karate, Krav Maga, Capoeira, Silat and Kickboxing.

Due to comprehensive training, Batman has gained complete control over his body, which is reflected in his unique fighting style.

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