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18 Aug 2019

Five worst things which Thanos has done

Thanos is one of the most feared and powerful villains in the Marvel comics.

Bent on dominating the entire Marvel Universe, it is not surprising that he has done some terrible things over the years.

Having a god complex and a need to impress Death, Thanos can be unrelentingly and extremely cruel when he wishes to be.

Read, five worst things Thanos has done.

Act 1

Demolishing Wakanda to escape imprisonment

Thanos and his villainous followers were once imprisoned in Wakanda, in comics, but they felt the need to escape sensing a greater threat was approaching, which could be stopped by destroying an alternate Earth.

However, when it came to breaking out, they wreaked havoc on Wakanda, destroying hundreds of Wakandan soldiers in battle and leaving the nation devastated to a large extent.

Act 2

Destroying half of earth with a finger snap

The Infinity War movie showed Thanos destroying half the universe and earth's population with a simple finger snap, once he had accumulated the six Infinity Gems that power his gauntlet.

While the film justified it as Thanos trying to maintain balance in the universe, in comics, the Mad Titan pulled off this catastrophic act trying to impress Death, personified as a woman in Marvel.

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Act 3

Thanos tried making Death jealous by creating his female version

For someone who is madly in love with Death, this marked a creepy and new low for Thanos.

When impressing Death did not work, Thanos created a female version of himself called Terraxia.

Trying to make Death jealous, the Mad Titan dubbed her 'everything my soul longs for' and pettily pointed out she was everything that Death was not and could never be.

Act 4

Thanos killed Gamora to fulfill his ambition

Thanos adopted Gamora as a child and trained her to become one of the deadliest assassins in the universe.

However, Gamora hated him for it and tried to stop him when she learned his plan to destroy half the universe to impress Death.

However, Thanos, in his ambition, kills his own adopted daughter without a second thought, showing just how unfeeling he can be.

Act 5

Thanos has always been a burgeoning killer

The Mad Titan's cruelty has been evident from an early age when he started killing several people.

He was sickened by his home planet Titan, as an adult, and decided to destroy it by nuking it from the orbit.

Having killed thousands including his own mother, Thanos returned to eliminate the survivors.

He left his father alive to see his son defile the cosmos.

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