The coolest gadgets of Black Panther


19 Aug 2019

#ComicBytes: Five best weapons and technology owned by Black Panther

Black Panther was recently introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Wakanda took the spotlight, highlighting its Vibranium powered technology.

King T'Challa is a skilled combatant and gained a sensory boost from the 'heart-shaped herb' that he consumed.

However, to be the Black Panther, he resorts to advanced technology and weapons.

Without much ado, we bring you Black Panther's five best weapons and technology.

Kimoyo Beads

The handiest accessory for style and battle

One of the coolest accessories in Black Panther is the Vibranium powered Kimoyo Beads.

They form a bracelet which is innocuous and easily concealed. However, each bead has a unique functionality ranging from healing powers, holographic communication to scanning people's vitals.

The best part is these bracelets are customizable to suit different situations, which Black Panther's missions might require him to tackle.

Hologram Control

You were never really there

Designed by Black Panther's genius sister, Shuri, this technology allows Black Panther to effectively remain safely outside immediate battle while still being able to commandeer vehicles.

The Hologram Vehicle Control can be used on any vehicle, in order to give Panther access.

This allows Black Panther to remain in a defensively strong position while controlling vehicles in any part of the world.

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Cloaking tech

Now you see it, now you don't

One of Black Panther's most impressive technology is cloaking. While SHIELD can cloak its airplane as we saw in the Avengers, Black Panther takes it to the next level.

The entire nation of Wakanda is hidden from the public eye using their advanced cloaking technology.

Though this is primarily used as a defensive measure, this technology could alternately be extremely effective in stealth missions.


The silent sprint of the Panther

Speaking of stealth, we come to Black Panther's 'Sneakers'. Shuri's quirky sense of humor conceptualized the name as these stealth shoes allow Black Panther to sneak up on enemies.

However, the stealth is so finely developed that Vibranium nanotechnology powered shoes makes absolutely no noise.

Furthermore, it absorbs shocks, thus cushioning feet and joints and allowing Panther to move at an incredible speed.

Black Panther suit

Suited up and ready for action

There is no denying that the Vibranium suit of armor is Black Panther's greatest weapon.

Shuri improves on the traditional bulletproof armor, making it work on nanotech, allowing Panther to easily conceal his armor and have it enmesh him immediately during battles.

More importantly, she developed it to redirect the shock the armor absorbs in battle, allowing Black Panther's suit to release stunning blasts.

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