Who are Marvel's poorest superheroes?


21 Aug 2019

Five poorest superheroes in Marvel Universe

People say crime doesn't pay, however, it turns out that heroism doesn't pay either.

Most of the superheroes in the comic universe are born rich but there are some who have to work to sustain themselves, just like rest of us.

The only exception is that they have to balance work and saving the world at the same time.

Read about five poorest superheroes.

Hero 1

The Hulk: Anger management issues are bad for job prospects

Bruce Banner was a respected scientist before his accident with the gamma radiation made him the Hulk.

Since his transformation, he has found holding down a job kind of difficult due to his phenomenal anger management issues.

Further, he is constantly hunted by the army and others who want to study him.

Moreover, Banner damages millions in property every time he becomes the Hulk.

Hero 2

Jessica Jones: Private detectives are overworked and underpaid

Jessica Jones is a private investigator who runs Alias Investigations.

However, as we know, detective work is hard and does not pay much.

No wonder Jessica cannot even fix her broken door, on the Netflix show, Jessica Jones.

Further, Jessica's drinking habit forces her to spend most of her earned money on alcohol anyway. Many a time, Jessica has been forced to borrow money.

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Hero 3

Luke Cage: Why hire heroes when they offer free service?

Luke Cage is the bulletproof man in Marvel.

In the comics, he starts a business with Iron Fist, titled Heroes For Hire.

While the idea of making crime-fighting a full-time job was nice, Cage soon realized that there was no dearth of superheroes who would do the same job for free.

He was ultimately forced to open a bar to make ends meet.

Hero 4

Squirrel Girl: Babysitting for poor superheroes cannot pay well

Squirrel Girl is apparently one of the most powerful heroes of Marvel, having defeated the likes of Thanos and Doctor Doom.

However, her powers are laughable. She looks like a squirrel and can communicate with them. She is the defender of New York's Central Park.

Since she babysat for Luke and Jessica once, who are both poor, one can only imagine her financial state.

Hero 5

Spider-Man: Photography does not pay, sorry

Peter Parker is a freelance photographer when he is not web-slinging around in New York as Spider-Man.

Freelance photographers are rarely paid a good amount and when you couple it with how stingy J. Jonah Jameson is, running the Daily Bugle, it is no wonder Spidey struggles to make ends meet.

His annual income is only $40,000 which comes to around Rs. 28 lakh.

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