Did you know these facts about Superman?


13 Sep 2019

Five super weird facts about Superman

Superman is one of DC's and our world's most recognizable superheroes.

The Man of Steel was created in 1933 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The character was then sold to DC for $130. Under DC, he went on to become a cultural icon.

However, having been in comics for years, Superman has several weird facts you might not know.

Fact 1

Superman was a villain before he became a hero

The first version of Superman appeared in 1932 in The Reign of the Super-Man.

Almost a mix of Lex Luthor and Professor Xavier (of Marvel's X-Men), the character was a bald telepathic villain.

He used his powers for race track winnings and stock manipulation, focused on world domination.

Shuster and Siegel later decided to remove the hyphen from Super-Man and make him a hero.

Fact 2

Artistic hurdle gave Superman the power of flight

Is that a bird? Is that a plane? It's Superman! The Kryptonian's ability of flight is often emphasized in the comics.

However, this was not always the case. Superman was earlier able to cross tall buildings in a single leap.

In the 1940s he was given the power of flight because artists were finding it difficult to animate Superman bending his knees before jumping.

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Fact 3

Superman stole the identity of a dead man

Clark Kent was given a social security number in the comics, so others would not suspect him of being Superman.

The social security number 092-09-6615, however, belongs to an actual man who had passed away a year before.

Giobatta Balocchi's, the man whose social security was used, relatives were confused but ultimately it is an honor to have Superman use your social security number.

Fact 4

Superman was on the FBI watch list

Superman might be on the side of the US Government, but that does not mean he was not tracked by the FBI.

In 1945, USA was working on the atom bomb. A comic strip at that time showed Superman visiting an atom-smashing cyclotron.

The FBI immediately investigated the editorial offices of DC fearing a leak.

The comic was ultimately brought to a swift conclusion.

Fact 5

Superman has made a sex tape

Superman is a virtuous hero, but the Man of Steel has a dirty secret.

In 1987's Action Comics, a villain called Sleez used mind control, convincing Superman to make a sex tape with Mister Miracle's wife, Big Barda.

The comic shows a porn director scolding Superman for not being passionate.

Ultimately, Mister Miracle intervenes and the three decide never to speak of this incident.

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